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Good luck with the sales! But the live preview don´t work :( show “Video Not Found”.

Im sorry i will check the video, Thank you.

Are you sure you cant see the video ? i access the video right now:

Please check

The video is nice, but an actual web preview would be better so I can see it work.

Im sorry i dont have any preview. Do you want to know more about animations or other specific stuff ? i can make another video or give you more information. All system is really simple, just animation and the ad box that we can close.

Does this work on ipad?

Hello, i have done some tests on safari for windows and everything looks fine. I think there is no reason to dont work on ipad since its just css 3 and jquery.

Hello ,

I purchased it to put it in wordpress

it is not work !!!

can you help me ?

thanks ..

Ohhhhh im sorry. Its simple just do:

Create a new DIV and put the pub inside that div. Then apply a ID to that div:

<div id=”something”>pubcode</div>

now use the code $(’#something’).fancyAds();

sorry it is not work :(

i forgot, open animate-custom.css and where you see #fancyads { change for #fancyads, #something {

Nice Item. GL