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Hi, Would it be possible by adding some code to add some “tape” at the four corner of the paper ? Thanks for your help !

Hi, thank you for purchasing!

No, unfortunately the item does not support that.

WP 3.5 compliant?



Yes, just checked.

This is the first plugin I bought for WP! Like it a lot.

Glad to hear that :) Thank you for purchasing!

Had to comment on how well done this plugin is. Takes literally seconds to “create” just about any nifty text box, as everything is already done for you (well, with the exception of the actual writing—please let me know if you ever develop a plugin that pumps out Hemingwayesque text).

An easy five stars.

Thank you so much for purchasing and those kind words! We’re very glad to hear customers are enjoying our items!

hi nice plugin ! but can i use it on pages or just in Widgets ? if so how ? in your documentation thar is no example for insert your plugin not in shortcode or php please help … thanks lior.

? what is this link? link to an a support form ?

dose any body hear can give me an simple answer to an a simple question?

Sorry for nagging But I did not understand where the support forum And sent a personal email and there was no answer

simple Question how can i add your plugin by php or shortcode somthing alse than Widgets !?

it not in any of your documentation and i saw that ther was a Discussion on this issu in hear all rady …

Our support staff will respond to your ticket as soon as possible. Please be patient.

Hi! Your plugin works with Cyrillic fonts? I installed the demo version, but the font – the default

These Google Fonts are available in the widget: Waiting for the Sunrise, The Girl Next Door, Sue Ellen Francisco, Annie Use Your Telescope, Indie Flower, Architects Daughter, Just Me Again Down Here, Just Another Hand, Covered By Your Grace, Schoolbell.

In your plugin tet Cyrillic fonts. So 143 347 059 Russian citizens can not be your customers. :)

We’ll add a few new fonts ASAP ;)

This is awesome and so easy. I had problem setting it up, but got support the very same day. After Gordan asked for details, he fixed it in less than 3 minutes. Never seen any support that fast in the last 15 years on the web. Whauu. Where do I put the stars?

Glad we could help ;) Items are rated on your downloads page (profile – downloads).

done:-) Love your speed.

Thank you! :)

Is this for sidebar use only or you may use it on a post?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

It’s a widget so it works only in sidebars but you can use a free widget to shortcode plugin to place in anywhere.

Are you looking at updating this Plugin, as I am interested in using it with your Christmas add-on ?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Updating in what regard? We don’t have any plans in the near future.

Just a follow-on from the previous post, I also would like to see an update and add new items to this Plugin ?

HI, thank you for purchasing!

No we don’t have any plans in the near future.

Hello is it possible that I use this text widget with some short-codes inside pages or something rather than widget area?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

Unfortunately this is a widget only plugin, but you can use a free “widget to shortcode” plugin to use it as a shortcode.

Hello, I did the work by your suggested plugin, but I suggest you to include this feature in your next update, so the user could be able to include it within post or page directly.

I have another question, How can I customize the sharp corners of the rectangle papers to be somehow rounded?

Sorry that feature is not available.

Does a nice job.

However, the color picker is placed behind the widget rendering it useless.. I am using WP 3.8.1.

HI, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

We don’t provide support via comments – http://codecanyon.net/item/fancy-text-widget/235344/support

Is it possible to use also other google fonts with the widget?

Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

The ones listed in the description are coded-in. If you need others you’ll have to modify the code and add them.

I have a problem of implementation of the plungins that moves me all my other widgets at the bottom of page. My current configuration WP - Version de WordPress : - Version de PHP/MySQL : - Thème utilisé : sahifa

Thank you

Hi, thank you for purchasing!

We don’t provide support via comments.


Is it possible to adjust margin and padding values of the fancy text box?


Hi, thank you for purchasing!

Yes, you can adjust it in the plugin’s CSS. Please direct all further inquiries to our support. We don’t provide any support via comments.

I’ve purchased 6 items from WebFactory and have been generally pleased until recently. I bought the “Fancy Text Widget” – a WordPress plugin, and it broke the Sahifa Theme that I bought on Themeforest and that’s been running for a long time. I put in 2 tickets regarding the broken plugin and another issue that I have with the 5 5sec Google Maps plugins I bought but I’m getting no response. That is over a week waiting with no response. I hope everyone at WebFactory is OK but I need support on these issues.

That looks troubling :( We’ve contacted Envato in hopes they’ll fix the problem. In the meantime please try using the form on http://codecanyon.net/user/WebFactory Sorry for this ;(

OK I sent a detailed message to that new link just now. Thanks !!

Got the ticket!


I purchased your plugin but when I use it, it causes my WordPress Customize to stop working. Can you help me fit this issue.

If I deactivate your plugin my WordPress Customize works when I active it stops working.

Hi, thank you for purchasing! Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

We can’t provide any assistance via comments. Contact our support.

Hi, This is updated to the Latest version WP?

Hi, Thank you for purchasing!

Yes, the plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

For any support questions, please contact our support team directly via email since we can’t provide any help via comments.