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Nice job…slideshow option would make it better.

Hi, There is a slight problem – when I scroll my page down and I place the mouse cursor over the slider, the page gets moved to the top position and I lose my scrolling position.

Can you send me a link to your page so I can check it out and see what might be happening? Please email it to Thanks!

Hi, I sent you info about a week ago, I just re-sent the email.

Also, could you tell me how to change the size of the boxes? It seems that I am not very successful in this.

can the slider be made to go vertical?

No, currently the slide does not have that feature.

Hi, I’m new to all of this, so need some help figuring out what I’m doing wrong. I have dreamweaver, created a page that only has the Fancy Slider Menu on it, and I get 404 XML File: Failed to Load message, and nothing comes up on the page.

I have this in my fancySliderMenuSetup.js: $(document).ready(function () { });

$.loadXML({xml:"xml/fancySliderMenu.xml", type:'default'}, function(evt, val){
$().fancySlideMenu({content:this.content, param:this.param});

and the fancySliderMenu.xml is sitting in my xml folder.

Can you give me any help – I don’t have a site up that you can look at, I’m just working on a non-profit site in my dreamweaver at this point trying to do some things.


Thanks so much for your purchase of the file.

The issue that you are having has to do with Ajax (js) calls not being allowed from your desktop (also noted in the file instructions).

The loadXML function is an Ajax call and the file will work perfectly the minute you place the file on a server. You can do development on your computer but then to test it you will need to load it to a server. Hope this helps.

You can leave autoplay (slideshow)

Is it possible to make the slider show 4 up instead of three? Also how do i go about changing the size for the image thumbnails? I want to make them 125px X 125px.


Is it possible to make the slider show 4 or 5 up instead of 3? and to change width lets say to 950 px so it fits better for my web site


How can i make the slider show 5 instead of 3?

can i input adsense code in this thing? and can i put different sites ads in this thing?