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Nice job my friend.

Thanks a lot :)

Nice job. So simple but so nice that I can easily take control of how the scroll bars look on my site. Thanks.

Hello, Thanks for purchasing this plugin and also for your nice comment. Please give this plugin a nice rating, if you like it. :)

After fixing two issues it works fine.

1. Some content elements are overlapping the scrollbar for me because z-index:auto is not always working, I set it to 9999999.

2. On load the browser first shows the original scrollbar, this is very ugly. The CSS: html {overflow:hidden;} solves this.

However, it’s a cool and very configurable plugin!

Hello, Thanks for sharing these issues. I’ll look into it ASAP.

Yes, solve what klausJRL have posted and i will buy!

Fixed these issues. New version is available now.

thank you done!

Please consider adding an option to save settings, name the settings and recall them. A factory reset would also be good.

Do you mean something like settings presets ?

Yes, an option to save presets and recall them.

Ok. I will definitely think about your suggestion during next update of this plugin. Thanks

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that the current Envato download option “Installable WordPress File Only” is downloading the older version 1.0, which has the lower z-index setting.

Now that I have installed the new version (which pushes your scroll bar above all of the other elements on the page) I think I kind of liked it better on my site when the scrollbar went behind my top menu bar. I guess I got used to it. :)

It might be handy if you added the z-index setting as a user definable option.

If I wanted to change the z-index myself can you tell me where to make this edit?

Hello, Thanks for your suggestion :) I’ll add custom z-index settings in next update for this plugin. You can manually change z-index value from plugins/fancy-scrollbar-wp/js/jquery.nicescroll.min.js . Open that file, go to line 21, find zindex: “99999” and replace 99999 value with your custom value.

Cheers :)

Great. Thanks for the quick reply!

Most welcome :)

Nice job and full customizable plugin.

Hi Guys…I have a pre-purchase question…

is the custom colorful scroll bar also visible on small devices like Samsung Galaxy S2-3-4, i-Phone etc.

I tried your demo page on my smartphone but it doesn’t show me the green color scroll bar as it’s showing on your demo page for desktops or laptops.


Hi Mate….finally I purchased your plugin but it’s not working for me :( when I activate it…it’s totally messed up my website…let me know when you are able to check so I can activate it or give me your mail id so I can send u login details. Thanks


This plugin should not have any issues with other elements of website except scrollbar.

Please send me your site details from my profile page, I’ll check if there any issues ASAP.



Did anyone else noticed that scrollbar was freezing after a while? I mean it’s working when you land on the page but if you stay a while on this same page then you can’t scroll anymore :-(

Best regards,

It seems you have to tune opacity value from settings. By default, when scrolling is idle – scrollbar will be invisible with opacity 0. And if you start scrolling, scrollbar restores with your defined opacity.

So, please check opacity values. Also, you can share your URL so that I can check.


Hi mate, it’s working fine on desktop, laptop but I’m not able to scroll down website on Samsung Galaxy S5…Going to send you link via your profile page. Thanks


Got your mail. I’ll check ASAP.


Replied back mate. Thanks

Doesn’t work on “X” theme’s vertical navbar. Only works on the main page’s scroll bar.

Yes, its for main page’s scrollbar only.