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is this for the jquery one only, or is it for the woocommerce plugin as well?

Woocommerce version is in upload queue

Can you create script like this for design logotype? I think it will be better and popularity.

if you make it, send me notification and I purchase it.

I do not know what features you are looking for, but this is an addon for my fancy product designer. You need to purchase the base plugin first in order to use the plus addon.

fantastic work, very well done ! ;)


Really excited to download this for the woocommerce version….how long can we expect to wait until we can download it for the woocommerce version of FCP? Thanks!

It’s in the upload queue, I think in the next 24 hours

is there a delay? It’s been a couple days now since the jquery version published…

Yes I also do now know why it takes so long,seems envato is very busy.

Will this addon allow me to show the color codes or names? http://imgur.com/a/C6Kug like the demo?

Currently its only showing color codes, but I was thinking about this feature as well.

oh ok great, if you could add the color names it would be great for WP

Waiting for the woocommerce version to buy :)

Me too,...envato seems to be busy to review it. It’s now 6 days in upload queue

Well hope they work it out soon… by the way your preview link http://fancyproductdesigner.com/plus/ does not seem to be working http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://fancyproductdesigner.com/plus/

Well done! Good job!


you mention-

Files Included: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS

But only js file include.

i want all files …


This is an addon for the basis plugin. You need to buy https://codecanyon.net/item/fancy-product-designer-jquery/3581183

Looks great..can i add right sleeve or the left one beside front and back ?

Yes, of course you can add as many views as you wish.

Hi, I’m sorry if I will not be very clear. I have a cover shop and I would like to give my customers the possibility to customize the smartphone cover, I would like them to use this configurator through the computer I have in store. I simply need the client to: 1 choose the default image that I will insert in the configurator (about 100). 2 that the customer can insert his photo from smartphone, facebook etc. 3 when the customer has decided the image, it must be possible to send me an email with the preview of the desired cover (afterwards I will contact the customer to request the original image to be printed on the smartphone cover) 4 I do not have an ecommerce, I have an html5 site, can I integrate your configurator without having a database? Our momentary site is www.qualitycover.it

Thank you luca

Excuse me again, instead of the shirt, I should insert the design of a cover smartphone, this is easy to do? Thanks, I write from Italy

Yes this is possible. Therefore you can use the jquery version of FPD and implement it in your own site. https://codecanyon.net/item/fancy-product-designer-jquery/3581183

Hi, I have email you in regard some of the product features inquiry, have you got chance go through that ?

Hi, do your design tool support image with 300dpi and above ?


Hi, I am looking for a Product Design UI tool to integrate into my ASP .NET MVC project.

1. Do your component is a jquery component or can it integrate with ASP .NET MVC project ?
2. Do your component support image with 300dpi and above ?
3. Do your component support image with CMYK color? 
4. Do your component support export to pdf? 
5. For UI requirements, do your tool able to ?
   a. Add Text 
       b. Add Image
   c. Zoom In / Out
   d. define restricted dsign boundary

1. Yes it can be integrated into ASP.

2. Yes.

3. No.

4. Yes.

5. Yes all of this is possible.