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Hi Ii only need a svg editor that loads custom svg design after visiting a link. Your demo already confirm that you can set editor to open a svg file automatically, from the FAQ. I don’t understand how it does this. can the svg file be loaded something like this editor.php?load=svgdesign1.svg + random text. Second question: You have png, pdf ( pdf dosn’t export the file as vector is still a png inside ), Can a save as svg ( in vector format, i know fonts cannot be converted ) can be implemented? I only need a simple editor that visitor edit the text change color to design and download the result, in vector format if it’s possibly.

1. You can add a own element by using the addElement() method of the plugin. http://jquerydoc.fancyproductdesigner.com/classes/FancyProductDesigner.html#method_addElement

2. You can export the designs as svg and import it in a pdf by yourself. The jquery version does not have offer this because it requires some server-side language.

i am thinking to use your plugin for my current project is it using JSON for product variations ?

Yes you can use json or html.

Hi, is possible to set width and height for text? Or I can only set text size?

Thanks in advance

Right now you can only set a text size.

Hello, I have a problem with adding a custom product to the cart. After adding to the cart the customization only appears for 1 second after displaying the product before customization and it scares some of my customers who are not sure that it works. Help me please. I tested it with several themes and it’s always the same result.

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On the FAQ page of our website you will find the most frequent questions customers have before purchasing the item:

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hi before I buy the plugin I just want to know if there is a way to print the color value and the filename of the design (e.g logo in print view) as well as make it as another custom field in back-end ordering to email for both the shop owner and customer?

Are you interested in the jquery or wordpres version? Because the jquery version does not come with a shopping cart system.

In the WP/Woo version you can access all ordered files and export these as image and also read the color value.

Check out the admin demo: http://demo.fancyproductdesigner.com/

Hi, I am interested with the WP/Woo version, currently when you try to click the print button it just a popup that has the generated proofed shirt, what I need is to print also the color of the shirt and the filename of the design used (logo) on that proofed shirt. is that possible?

Yes in the admin you can select single elements and export then print it. You will also receive information about the selected color.