Fancy Popup - Popup Plugin For WordPress

Fancy Popup - Popup Plugin For WordPress

Popup plugin

Fancy Popup is a Popup WordPress Plugin allows you to design amazing popup with the page builder, and launch popup on any page you want. You can use it for the newsletter, promotion advertisement, notification and so on, even you want to show the post, product in the popup, no problem.

Do Everything in Fancy Popup

Fancy Popup is compatible with King Composer which is the best user experience page builder, the most important is that King Composer is absolutely free to use. It makes Fancy Popup highly customizable, so you can almost do everything with King Composer + Fancy Popup!

Features Overview

- Trigger Modes

Four trigger modes supported: When the page loaded / When mouse hover on the specific area / When click the target object / When scrolling down the page.

- Popup Positions

You can launch the popup at the following position in the window: Top Left / Top Right / Center Left, / Center / Center Right / Bottom Left / Bottom Right

- Launching Management

You can enable/disable the popup on the global site, or specific page group like default home page, category / tag page, author page, search page, single post / page. Of course, you can also separately enable/disable the popup for the single page.

- Compatible With King Composer

Fancy Popup is compatible with the free version of King Composer (Backend Editor). Over 8000+ users activated King Composer on their WordPress site, we believe King Composer will be the best page builder in the near future. You can learn more about King Composer here.

- Popup Template Export / Import

Fancy Popup plugin allows the user to import our predefined template online, export and import the local template files as well. We will release more predefined templates to you, all the new templates will automatic push to your WP backend.

- Minimum Requirements

- WordPress 4.6 or greater - King Composer (free version): It’s not required, if you are good at HTML/CSS coding, you can directly put your own codes into the WordPress default text editor.

Need Support?

We include detailed documentation to help you get started. Of course, If you have any questions or using troubles, you can ask questions on the support forum, we will help you to fix the issues quickly!

Change Logs

V1.0.8.3 - 08 August 2017
- Added auto update plugin feature. 
- Added some new styling options for Popup Button element in KingComposer page builder. 
- Fixed the scroll bar issue for Popup Button extension. 
- Fixed the export feature bug.
V1.0.7 - 14 May 2017
- Added FP Popup Button Element to KingComposer Page Builder.
V1.0.6 - 27 April 2017
- Improved the coding syntax for old php version. 
- Fixed the plugin was conflict with CMB2 plugin.
V1.0.5 - 19 April 2017
- Fixed the global popup setting didn’t work properly. 
- Added a new option into the page/post page to disable the popup separately.
V1.0.4 - 13 April 2017
- Fixed no way to delete value for page popup field. 
- Fixed the popup setting didn’t work when the page includes another query_posts or wp_query function.
V1.0.3.1 - 27 March 2017
- Fixed the meta box missing bug.
V1.0.3 - 24 March 2017
- Fixed the post slug was rewritten by the Fancy Popup plugin when saving the post.
V1.0.2 -     16 March 2017
- Fixed the click trigger mode bug.
V1.0.1 -     9 March 2017
- Added MailChimp extension for King Composer.