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How can I remove the ‘x’ behind each track in the playlist, so the users can not remove a track from the playlist?

1.Open the jquery.fancyMusicPlayer-color.css (the color stands for lila, black or white), depending which color scheme you are using.
2. Search for the .fmp-playlist li .fmp-delete-track selector and add this property to it: display:none;.
3. Search for the .fmp-playlist li span selector and set the margin-left to 0.

When I test the example file on my local machine (offline), I get a following error: “SM2 failed to start. Flash missing, blocked or security error? Status: INIT _TIMEOUT”!

Solution 1:
In most cases there is a security issue according to the flash file (swf). So you need to allow the swf file to communicate with your browser, just visit this website:

and add the folder to the list, I would just select a root folder, like your hard drive, so you will get no more issues with other flash files on your local machine.
Solution 2:
Try the latest version of soundmanager2:

Download it and replace the js and swf files in my plugin directory.