Fancy Music Player V2.0 - jQuery plugin

Fancy Music Player V2.0 - jQuery plugin

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I am glad to introduce version 2.0 of Fancy Music Player. Fancy Music Player is highly customizable MP3-Player.
You can add tracks with 4 different techniques:

  • HTML playlist
  • XML playlists
  • Custom playlist
  • Custom link

How does the player work?
First it detects if HTML5 Audio is supported, if not a hidden Flash File (swf) will be used to play the tracks. It also detects when you add track to the playlist and a track with the same title already exists, then the existing track will be selected.


2.2.3 – Upcoming
- Volume bug fixed
- Latest soundmanager version
- playlistInitOpen bug in Chrome fixed
2.2.2 – 19.4.2013
  • New option: loopPlaylist
  • Replace jScrollPane with niceScroll
2.2.11 – 18.1.2013
  • Working with jQuery 1.9
2.2.1 – 2.2.2012
  • New option to enable/disable the numeration of the tracks in the playlist
  • New option to set the index which track from the playlist should be played first
2.2 – 3.11.2011
  • New sound management system (Soundmanager 2)
  • New options: autoLoad, playNextWhenFinished
  • Now it will check first if HTML5 audio engine is supported and if not it will use the Flash Version
  • Multiple custom playlists via XML
2.1 – 12.9.2011
  • 2 new color themes(black and white). Check the preview to see the new color themes in action!
  • Important bug fixed: When you refresh the page, sometimes an error pops up. Now it is working!!!!


  • MP3-Player in Flash with HTML5 fallback
  • HTML/CSS skin
  • HTML and XML playlists
  • Many options
  • An extensive API
  • PSD file included


  • playlistHeight – The height of the playlist
  • volume – Show/hide the volume control
  • playlist – Show/hide the playlist
  • playlistInitOpen – Open the playlist, when the player has been created
  • playlistScrollable – Enable/disable the scrolling for the playlist
  • autoPlay – Enable/disable the autoplay
  • autoLoad – Enable/disable the automatic loading
  • showHours – Enable/disable the hour digits in the time display
  • playNextWhenFinished – Play new track when current one has finished
  • trackColorNormal – A hex value for the title color
  • trackColorHover – A hex value for the title color, when you move your mouse over it
  • trackColorSelected – A hex value for the title color, when its selected
  • targetLink – The target window for the optional links of each track
  • xmlPath – The path to the xml file
  • xmlPlaylist – The ID of the playlist which should be loaded into player from the XML file
  • swfFolder – The path to the swf folder which contains the flash version
  • onReady – A function that will be called, when the player is ready


  • play()
  • pause()
  • toggle()
  • next()
  • previous()
  • setVolume(0-1)
  • clear()
  • addTrack(trackPath, title, link, playIt)