Fancy Gallery - jQuery plugin

Fancy Gallery - jQuery plugin

Fancy Gallery is a jQuery plugin that lets you create an extraordinary gallery. It´s highly customizable and very easy to use. You can add umlimited of albums and different medias such as images, videos, youtube/vimeo videos and much more.

Available as wordpress plugin

You want an own CMS for your galleries? You can use Fancy Gallery – Wordpress plugin and create your galleries. When you are done, you can use a Generator to create the code for your website. Just Copy and Paste. Check it out!


2.0.13 – 22.7.2014
- New option facebookLikeButton, tweetButton, pinItButton
- Update font-awesome to 4.1.0
- columnOffset option defines now the minimum offset between the columns
- Improved columns calculation
2.0.12 – 14.1.2014
- Loading gif for the thumbnails
2.0.1 – 8.11.2013

The description is now stored in a data-description attribute in each anchor element. You have to update your markup or use the converter.

2.0.0 – 2.11.2013
Completely rebuilt and resigned
- New Flat design
- New options
- New thumbnail hover effects
- Better performance
- 7 predefined color themes
- Now you can also paginate the albums
- Direction aware hover effect
- IE7 support dropped
1.6.1 – 18.5.2013
- Columns functionality changed. Now you set there the max. amount of columns. When you set a value for columns, the column offset will be automatically calculated. Default is set to 0.
- Default Social buttons included and description is now supported for fancybox
1.6 – 2.5.2013
- New possible lightbox option values: 'inline' and 'none'.
- Now you can define a custom thumbnail for the album selection.
- Inline gallery that supports images, youtube, vimeo and mp4 videos.
- Now you can set the width and height for the thumbnails when using album selection. You can also choice another style for it - the polaroid style.
- Nicer dropdown style.
- Now you can write a custom description for every album and using HTML tags in the description.
- Fixed: The column issue on mobile devices. There was a floating issue with the number of columns and the content area.
- Minimum jQuery Version 1.7 is required.
- Now you can set the color for the border of the thumbnails.
1.5.2 – 21.1.2013
- New options: mediaText, showOnlyFirstThumbnail and dropdownTheme
- New dropdown theme, you do not need uniform anymore.
- Working with jQuery 1.9 now
- Fixed: The blank tooltip does not appear anymore in Webkit browsers(Safari, Chrome) and IE
- Dropped: You do not need to include uniform anymore
1.5.1 – 20.12.2012
- Set the number of columns
1.5.0 – 19.10.2012
- 2 new album selections - menu and thumbnails
- New navigation skin with 2 new types - pagination and dots
- Create a second thumbnail with timthumb and manipulate it with filters
- PinIt Button for Prettyphoto
- Now you can you choice between PrettyPhoto and FancyBox as lightbox
- You can enable an additional button in the album selection to view all media of a gallery
- The whole album appears now in the lightbox when opening it and not only the media that are currently visible in the page
1.4.1 – 4.2.1012
- New option to inverse the hover effect, so all thumbnails are clear (no opacity) and when you move your mouse over a thumbnail, it will get an opacity.
- New option to set the position of the arrows - top or bottom.
- New option to set a hover image
- New option to set the effect for hover image
1.3 – 20.7.2011
- Code and Skin redesign
- New options
- 3 different dropdown themes
1.2 – 5.6.2011
- Updated prettyphoto - now it runs with the newest prettyphoto version
- Fixed the IE whitespace bug
- New option to enable/disbale the shadow under each image container
1.1 – 19.2.2011
- Auto scaling for each image. If an image is too big, it will be automatically scaled down to fit in the holder.
- Horizontal/vertical centering, so each image will be centered in the holder.