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very good works!


amazing work. do you have plan for fullscreen ?? skins are really smart. you rock.

thank you yeah we’re planning soon thank you

Awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Is there an option to random only the 2D animations?

hello ranslobo no option for 2d animations only yet but if you want, we can customize it immediately or you can do it within a minute. please give us your mail thank you

hi, please let me know if its posible to have a thumbsnails line centered at bottom, in the transformer or fullwidth modes.


hello enriquetortosa. yeah it’s possible for our flexibility within just a min touch. thank you

hi, i want to use both portrait and landscape images in the slider, is this possible?

Hi. Thanks for using my item. And sorry for the late response. To answer your question, yes, it is possible to use both portrait and landscape images. Let me know if there’s any further questions. Regards.

Hi, 1. Is it possible to make the navigation to right- left separate from top-bottom ? meaning certain slide on top navigation, and other in bottom navigation? 2. Is it possible to make the tool reload content on the fly ?


It is possible to customize the navigation. And can you be more specific about second issue? I really don’t understand what you mean with that. Regards

Hi, Very important Issue!

I am seeing some issue with mobile. Just by using the code as I downloaded it:. I have placed it under:

and when I browse there with my mobile (tested on Iphone and android) the widget get stuck .

Please advise.

It seems working fine on my mobile device.

hello Hanatheme

great job! i want to make the slides animation 2d only and i would like to show thumbnails at sapphire skin

is it possible? and how i can do it

thanks in advance


It is possible to add a link on all the picture and not just on caption ?

Please help me !

Of course you can. You just need to make a minor change to the slider.


My images (different sizes, different aspec ratios) all get cropped somehow. Can the images be made to adapt to the set “witdh” and/or “height” parameters?

Or can the width and/or height of the module adapt to the image size? (“auto” istead of a pixel value didn’t work).

Or in other words how can I use Fancy 7 without making the image size exactly the size of the set “width” and “height”?



When using the slider in full-width mode, user cannot scroll page down if the mouse is over the slider. Is there any way to fix this?

I’m using jquery 1.7.2. Will this work with that version of jQuery?

bought, downloaded, and put the slider on my server. If I change to any skin but default all of the custom buttons are missing. You can see it here Literally only change is the name of the skin.


You must add stylesheet file if you change skin. (<link href=”css/skins/SkinName.css” rel=”stylesheet” />)


Thanks that did the trick.


I want to use circular thumbnails similarly to this one and position them on the left side.

Can you tell me which parameters need to be passed to do achieve this? I referred documentation but could not find what I am looking for.


It’s very easy to change your skin.

- Insert css link <link href=”.../css/skins/ios7.css” rel=”stylesheet” />

- Change skin in superseven’s declaration. ........ repeat_mode:true, skin:’transformer’, lightbox:true, ........ ===> ........ repeat_mode:true, skin:’ios7’, lightbox:true, ........


Thank you

Hello! how do I insert the slider in php code without shortcode.

Hy, i have 2 questions ‘bout this plugin:

1 – Why, when we set the “progressbar” to “false”, the slider dont respect time delay…

2 – When we change the animation code, it doesnt work in the last slide… the last slide is always in the right to left scroll mode… how can i fix this?

Thank you.

why is there no demo for the slider, how easy its to implement the code ?