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freaken pain in the ass. thought it was a simple plugin but now Im supposed to pay you $20 to install this? I want my money back.

What do you mean you need to pay $20 to install this?

You can always ask for your money back by contacting DevCanyon support, but please explain the issue you’re having?


Hi, I tried entering the shortcode on my blog and it shows up but it is totally unformated and looks extremely ugly. The widget does not work either, it does not show the author of the post. What I need is it to show up where I currently have the biography on this page and to show up formatted like it does when it is automatically inserted. The short code version looks bad. I can send print screens if I have an email address to send it to.

Sorry about the issue you’re experiencing. I can’t see Fanciest Author Box anywhere on your website. Could you, please enable it? Also, try changig “execution priority” in Settings > Fanciest Author Box > Execution Priority to other digits (2, 9, 99 or 999), to see whether there’s an improvement.

Most, if not all, issues are usually fixed by switching to a theme that’s coded with WordPress best practices.


Hi if you go to you will see it at the bottom of the content. I am using the short code. To get it working I had to play with the custom CSS for some reason. I am not sure where the execution settings are, I can find them.

Sorry I don’t see it? I don’t even see Fanciest Author Box activated on your website. Also, not sure which shortcode you’re using.

Hi i bought your plugin and trying to setup co-author plus integration however the plugin does not work, when i set multiple authors your plugin breaks.

see this page (you have to be logged in to view the page – just register via social media)


The theme you’re using already possesses author bio functionality. You need to disable it or ask the theme developers how to do that.

Also, you theme is responsible for link scrolling (happens when you click on links on a page). For example, when you click on “Twitter”, “Google+” or “Latest Posts” tab inside Fanciest Author Box. There should be an option to switch this off within the theme options, as well.

Regarding Co-Author Plus plugin, could you please give an example post where 2 authors are present?



Hi How can I hide author info on amp version?

I don’t think it can be done to be honest with you, unless you’re a WordPress developer.

We haven’t had that many requests regarding AMP and will add that feature once we gather enough requests by our users.



WSAC Purchased


First off, this plugin is amazing. I have a question. Is there a way for me to make the author’s name link to ALL their posts or to any page I want? Right now it’s linking to the home page.



You can ask your authors to link to their author pages, which in WordPress can be found in http://yourwebsite/author/username. For example, this is my author archive page

Or, you can change this for them if you’re an administrator in Users > All Users.

Would this work for you?



WSAC Purchased

Ahhh… Thanks.

No problem,

If you like the plugin, please take the time to rate it in the Downloads section. It means a lot to us.

Thank you,


Hi Dragan – we are trying to configure the fanciest author box to display below some custom post types on our site – however there seems to be an issue with it displaying correctly – in this page you can see it displays above the content and again and again throughout the page – any ideas how to fix and get it to display correctly? – thanks


Could you please verify that your theme is coded using WordPress best practices. You can do that here

If it is, would you please try changing the execution priority in Settings > Fanciest Author Box > Execution priority and try these digits (2, 9, 50, 99 or 999).


Apparently the theme doesn’t pass test – how are you supposed to know this before buying and installing the plugin? basically the plugin is incompatible with the theme? what are my options? refund?


You should inform yourself prior to purchasing your next theme, because badly coded WordPress themes are a major security risk.

Regarding the refund, you can submit a ticket to CodeCanyon.

Regards, ~D

Hi Dragan,

Very happy with Fanciest…!

Could you please confirm that it works OK with WP 4.7.2?


Hi :) Thanks for your kind words.

We have Fanciest Author Box on our website (running WordPress v4.7.2) and everything runs smoothly, including FAB.


I’m considering buying this plugin. Will it allow me to create an author bio exactly like or similar to the one seen here? Plus a short blurb about the author.

Sorry, but I don’t think it can.


I just bought Fancier Authorbox and installed it. Several time-consuming problems right off the bat:

1) The box background disappeared. 2) Need to bring the look & feel in line with my site. The type styles are off 3) There appears to be a default title and no option to leave the title blank.

I'm using it here:

I have to get this site working and if I can’t solve this quickly I’ll have to deactivate the plugin and it won’t be on the page anymore. So for this reason I would appreciate help as soon as possible.

Thank you, jim

PS, Can I get a refund?


Sorry for the inconvenience. You can try Fancier Author Box (our free version of the plugin) and see if that one works for you.

Regarding the issue you’re experiencing, you need to first check whether your WordPress theme is coded using best practices. You can do that here

If you feel the plugin doesn’t satisfy your criteria, you can request a refund by contacting Envato support.


I just bought this and I’m having multiple issues. I don’t have time to mess with it. How can I get a refund?

You can request a refund by contacting Envato support and explaining the issue you’re having or describing why the plugin doesn’t satisfy your needs.


Hello, I am trying to make Fanciest Author Box work with Co-Author Plus. Unfortunately an Author Box is not showing for a Guest Author which is the main reason why I chose to buy this plugin. I am assigning one for a post but it still show my Author Box (person who created post).

Do I need to deal with the whole implementation thing for Co-Author Plus first in order to your plugin would work? Best regards Radek

It could be a caching thing, I really can’t tell.

Could you lease disable your caching plugin or any other that might interfere? Also, clear all your caches.

This is the checklist to follow if you have problems:

Update your WordPress, theme, framework and plugins 1. Disable plugins (one by one) & find the one responsible for the issue 2. Empty your browser, CDN and any other cache 3. If you’re having plugin difficulties, switch to a default WordPress theme (If the problem disappears, then your theme is responsible and you need to contact the theme developer)


Thank you for your help, but I will ask Envato support for a refund. I am pretty sure that is connected somehow with Co-author plus but it still makes for me your plugin useless ;(

Sorry to hear that. I hope you find the solution to the problem. Cheers, ~Dragan

I bought this good plugin, but still had a few questions. How do I change or delete the heading (Author Spotlight)? How can I enlarge the avatar image? How can I center the avatar in?

best regards

There are no options for what you’re asking. You’ll need to alter some of the PHP files in order to accomplish that.

You can do this manually, by editing the line 16 in /includes/ts-fab-construct-tabs.php using FTP or by going to Plugins > Editor > Fanciest Author Box > ts-fab-construct-tabs.php. You just need to change the number (64) into whatever you want avatar size to be in pixels:

$authorimg = get_avatar( $author->ID, 64, '', esc_attr( $author->display_name ) );

Then, in you theme’s style.css file, add this (presuming you want to set avatar to be 96 pixels):

.ts-fab-avatar {width: 96px !important; height: 96px !important;}

Regarding the ”Author Spotlight” header you can delete it by editing fanciest-author-box/includes/ts-fab-widget.php file found in Plugins > Editor > Fanciest Author Box > fanciest author box/includes/ts-fab-widget.php.

You need to find this piece of code:

$title = apply_filters( 'widget_title', empty( $instance['title'] ) ? __( 'Author Spotlight', 'ts-fab' ) : $instance['title'], $instance, $this->id_base );

and delete Author Spotlight text from it.

If you’re not comfortable editing PHP files I suggest you find someone who is, because editing PHP files can cause WordPress white screen and you’ll need to undo changes using FTP.


Hello, I am using FAB on a multi site with multiple authors and it’s great. I’d like to create an index of all the authors sitewide on one page, displayed as FABs. Is it possible to put multiple boxes for different authors on a single page?


You can do that, but not automatically, I’m afraid.

You can use a shortcode option to showcase all the authors on a page.


Have an issue with the plugin. When i use the widget, i have to either select an author, or use random. Can it not link directly to the author of the post?

Sorry to hear that.

Sidebars and other widget areas are not part of the post area, so guessing who the right author is, produces all kinds of issues.


Morning. Just updating my site, and keen to incorperate the Author Box in it.

However, using the Ronneby theme, as soon as I enable the plugin, it seems to start including pages in the posts listings on the ‘blog’ shortcodes.

Have you heard about this happening before?



We haven’t had this issue in the past. However, our plugin is coded using WordPress best practices in mind and works very well with themes coded in the same manner.

You can check your theme score against WordPress best practices here

Regards, ~Dragan

Hi, I have been using this great plugin for several years now. I have no problems with it and don’t require support but I have something I want to report.

I am going to be updating to PHP 7 very soon and have run the PHP Compatibility Checker which shows me an error for this plugin…

Name: Fanciest Author Box

FILE: /public_html/wp-content/plugins/fanciest-author-box/includes/ts-fab-construct-tabs.php


123 | ERROR | preg_replace() – /e modifier is deprecated since PHP 5.5 and removed since PHP 7.0

I have not updated to PHP 7 yet and don’t know what will actually happen when I do, but don’t want to have to deactivate this lovely plugin.

This is basically a heads up and hope this will make the next update. Thanks for all the great work you do!

No problem,

Does your PHP Compatibility Checker still report the issue?

Passes with flying colors, thanks!

Great :) If you like the plugin, please take the time to rate it in the downloads section. It means a lot to us :)

Regards, ~Dragan

When I add in user for YouTube, FAB adds user in front but my url doe s not have user in it rather; So when I add in nextgenges it says error as it tries to look for which as you can see does not exist. I am perplexed.

Hi, I believe that this is your YouTube channel: Well, at least it’s what YouTube shows when I search for your channel.

So, you need to enter TheNextGenGes in order for the YouTube tab in Fanciest Author Box to function properly.



The plugin refuse from being installed, although, I have your free version that works. My license is 0998c33b-cefb-48b6-99d4-0d22bc513382

The plugin install error message is: Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.

My system is: WordPress 4.7.5, Theme DiviVersion: 3.0.37 Here is the link with the working free plugin that was trying to upgrade by buying the paid version:


Sorry for the inconvenience. It’s just how CodeCanyon delivers the plugins.

You first need to unpack the contents of the folder you downloaded from CodeCanyon and upload folder to your WordPress.

Tell me if you have further issues.