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Hi When I first installed the plugin everything was working properly. Now i see only two tabs with Bio and Latest posts with no content inside. Either photo or text. See exlample here below post:


Hello and sorry for the issue you’re experiencing.

Could you try and remember what you did (installed some new plugins or switched themes) that may have caused this issue?

If you can’t pinpoint the plugin that’s causing this issue, would you please send us the credentials to your WordPress website using the secure contact form in the sidebar on our CodeCanyon page, here

Thank you, ~Dragan

hello i would like to buy this plugin but I have 2 questions 1. is compatible with extra/divi elegant themes? 2. most important can I add custom html in a tab? cause im using contact form from typeform (we need a legal check field here in Europe, otherwise we can’t contact anyone :( ) plus i have a different important form in typeform that I want to use (that’s why I need this plugin in the first place

It’s not compatible with the WordPress themes that aren’t coded using best practices, so no, it’s not compatible with the Divi theme. Sorry about that.

Cheers, ~Dragan


colorit Purchased

Is the plugin still alive? There hasn’t been an update since May 2016?

Yes, it is.. It didn’t need any updates, but thanks for asking :)



Hello Dragan, I have the Child Theme working on DIVI. Is it suitable the installation of your plugin? Thanks for your kind answer! :)


Please try using the free version first and see if that one works OK for you :)

Even though it’s not updated for some time now, it works perfectly fine with the latest WordPress installs and is secure to use. It’s kind of future-proof :)

Regards, ~Dragan

Hi, I am considering purchasing. Please let me ask a few questions.

I currently use “Simple Author Box”.

There was one problem. It will also be displayed Author’s information under the product description of “woocommerce”. Does this problem not occur in “fanciest-author-box”?

This is another question.

Author’s Post List Does the page of “Latest posts” be created automatically?

I’m sorry for your inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation.


You could try our free version of the plugin and see whether it works fine with WooCommerce. (and it’s OK to use it with the latest WordPress editions)

Regarding your second question, I’m not sure what you mean, but the Latest Post widget in Fanciest Author Box is automatically created, yes.


Hi, Thank you for your reply.

Woocommerce’s display was okay.

Is not “Line feed tag” reflected in profile information?

It becomes a stuffed text and becomes difficult to read. I hopefully html tags can be used for profile information if possible.


Hi, no problem.

Not sure what you mean by “line feed tag”?

You can use HTML in author bio using any of the WordPress plugins that allow HTML in Bio. The Bio field is a native WordPress field and Fanciest Author Box just uses the information that’s there.


I’ve downloaded the Fanciest Author Box Documentation and was preparing to set up a custom tab as well as a one-tab author box, but am getting a 404 error message for both of those links. (I didn’t need to click on or check any of the other links.)

Where can I find the information on how to get these set up properly? Thanks!

I am finding that your plugin does not seem to want to work. (I’m using Genesis framework with the Wellness Pro child theme.) It did not initially display as it should. It shows a bulleted unordered list of all of the designated tab titles, with hyperlinks all going to shortcode URLs. This bulleted list was then followed by a list of profile images and their respective content following. I have deactivated the child theme, cleared the cache, and tested the view on Twenty Seventeen and unfortunately, it’s not showing properly either. Have others reported a similar issue?

Hi and sorry for the late reply. No, we haven’t had complaints of this sort, but Genesis is a framework that may cause something like you described.


I have followed all instructions and troubleshooted, but this is not displaying correctly on my site. I have it on the main page right under my menu. I inserted it as a shortcode. I am seeing a bulleted unordered list of all of the designated tab titles but there is no text or icons.

Had to take it off my website. Caused too many problems. Very disappointed!

So sorry you had issues with our plugin. It’s coded using best practices and works with the WordPress themes coded in the same fashion.

Please, contact CodeCanyon support about a refund and we’ll gladly approve it.

Regards, ~Dragan


All the social media I have added to the Author box worked except Facebook. I have tired to use my Facebook User name and ID, but it is not showing up on the Facebook tab. I am using WordPress. Please assist.

I can provide you my Purchase Code if needed


Sorry for the late reply. Could you please send me your WordPress credentials by using the contact form on your profile page here

I’d need to take a look at the issue from within.

Thanks, ~Dragan

Is it possible to allow shortcodes in the custom tab description contents without lowering the execution priority? I want to keep the execution priority higher to show the author box below our share buttons. However, I need shortcodes to work in that custom tab area. Thank you!

I’m not even sure how execution priority affects custom tab content. What do you want to insert there?


I found a previous comment here that said to allow shortcodes within custom tab content, I had to set execution priority to 10 or below. And that works! At 11, the shortcode doesn’t render.

I’m looking to include books by each author, and they are displayed through the plugin MyBookTable using shortcodes. Setting the execution priority that low is just putting things out of the desired order, so I was hoping there was another way to allow shortcodes.

Thank you!

Hi, sorry, I don’t think there’a another way of dealing with shortcodes.

Hello I just bought Your fancy author plugin, basically I want to add the authors under the posts always manually, so I have to create for them a real user with all the social links photos etc… how do I find the shortcode to manually add a user author box under posts?

Hi and thanks for purchasing Fanciest Author Box.

Once you unpack the contents of the .zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon, you’ll find Documentation folder and in it HTML Quick Start Guide, open it and start index.html.

You’ll find a section that talks about shortcodes.

Hope this helps.


Hi, this is a pre-sale question. Will this plugin works with custom author? For example, a custom field for author info and not the usual User field.

Fanciest Author Box uses WordPress’ author bio field and you can insert HTML code in it by using some custom HTML Author BIo plugin to customized it further.



I purchased this plugin because it is compatible with Co-Authors Plus. However, guest authors (a feature of co-authors plus) do not show up in the author box even though their name appears in the byline.

Is your plugins support of Co-Authors Plus not extended to the guest author feature? Is it possible to issue an updated version ASAP that does support the Guest Author feature of Co-Authors Plus? Thanks!