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Do you still support this plugin since last year? It seems this plugin is not compatible with the Avada 5.1.x theme since it won’t replace the default Wordpress profile box and simply inserts a 2nd Fanciest Author Box one into the bottom of the post creating 2 author bio boxes in every post.

I will pay for renewed support if you are still actively maintaining and will work to update the plugin.

Hi, yes, we do support it, but we don’t support themes that are not created using WordPress best practices.

There’s no way of replacing every theme’s author box. In order to solve the issue, you need to disable the default author box in theme options.


Hi, I am a developer for and they have Fanciest Author Box plugin. There’s a problem on showing the plugin on Posts. It’s not populating the tabs while it’s working well on pages.

Could anyone help me on this?

Thank you so much

Regards Mart


I don’t see you’ve purchased Fanciest Author Box. Also, I can’t see that the plugin is active on the website you mention.



kosap1 Purchased

hi! i purchsed this plugin and really like it but it seems that it is not loading properly on my site.

take a look at this page:

it loads the tabs but not the information under the tabs.

What i have done so far: i tried changing the loading priority number all over and it changed the tabs but never displayed the rest of the data


kosap1 Purchased

ok so, i tried disabling the last few plugins i installed and found that the issue is coming from the “JS & CSS Script Optimizer” plugin.

any ideas why that would be an issue or how i can fix it? that plugin was helping my site loading time.

Hello and sorry for the issue you’re experiencing.

We, unfortunately, haven’t dealt with the plugin you mentioned, so we can’t help you there. But, maybe the developers of the JS & CSS Script Optimizer can.

Cheers, ~Dragan

As of Aug 24, 2017, the LinkedIn tab isn’t working. It doesn’t even seem to work any more on your demo at


I’ve just checked the demo and the LinkedIn tab does work. Could you please confirm?

Thank you, ~Dragan

Never mind, seems to work now! Thanks for your response.

Hi, I purchased your plugin and unfortunately the LinkedIn Tab is now loading 0 content when placed on our pages. I have searched your support site and disabled all plugins. All themes and info are fully updated with Wordpress 4.8.1 running along with the latest version of the Fanciest Author Box plugin. Any ways we can look to fix this issue?

Here’s an example page:

Hi, your LinkedIn tab does worl. Could you please confirm.

Thanks, ~Dragan

Hi guys – plugin has been working great – but recently ‘broke’ – I have tried turning off all caching and switched off any plugins I thought it could be affected by…

Any suggestions?


I see what you mean. It seems that something is preventing the plugin from loading CSS (either a theme or a plugin).

Could you please try to remember what you did prior to this issue. Which plugins did you activate, did you enable a CDN or changed your theme?


I just purchased, try to upload and got the following message:

“The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed”

Hi, you need to unpack the .zip you downloaded from CodeCanyon. Inside you’ll find another zip file called and that’s the one you want to upload to WordPress.


It’s good now. Thanks!

Great, Cheers :)

It’s good now. Thanks!

Great..cheers. dont work.

Entpacken des Pakets …

Das Plugin wird installiert …

Das Paket konnte nicht installiert werden. Es wurden keine funktionsfähigen Plugins gefunden.

Die Plugininstallation ist fehlgeschlagen.

It means – ther is no working plugin in the .zip


You need to unpack the .zip you downloaded from CodeCanyon.

Inside you’ll find another zip file called and that’s the one you want to upload to WordPress.


Is the plugin work with custom post type or only post wp? It auto get infor author, or only appear when admin setting for specical role?
Co-Authors Plus plugin compatibility ==> Can autho add autho for there post infrontend? I will like to free hand for admin, if available for autho add thereself will be great.


I would like to add an Instagram account with the custom tab but it is impossible with your code

Could you explain me exactly where go, and which code is it please ? My Pinterest is not visible also. My blog is Thank you, Best,

(sorry the code is)Instagram

Hello, I find the solution (tab settings, display ;) thank you :)

Hey, sorry for the late response. Great that you’ve found the solution :)

Best, ~Dragan

Sun 24 Sep 2017, 11:48 am


Nice plugin. Tks!

I notice that you add extra fields to the default WP user profile. Can we provide a way for users to access these extra fields (e.g., link to facebook) via the front end? I am using Front End User Pro for front end registration, et al, but when I create a registration/profile form, there doesn’t seem to be any way to add your extra fields to it.

Very frustrating! I hope you can help?




Sorry, we don’t plan to add this feature to our plugin, but if the other plugin you mentioned can add any custom fields to registration forms, it should probably be able to add fields our plugin uses, too.

The fields we use are ts_fab_twitter, ts_fab_facebook, ts_fab_googleplus, ts_fab_linkedin, ts_fab_youtube and ts_fab_pinterest.

Hello dev-team, As a new purchaser of this plugin, I see that autbor-box is useful with its features.I want to know how autbor box latest post tab twould turn into latest post type list ? I have a listing site so that all integrations use listing single item.There is no problem to place author box on the listing single item, but latest post tab displays wrong items now ?Is there a way to change in order to list my listing items thank you

Ok , it was done by the way, thanks


erinweck Purchased

I just installed Fanciest Author Box because I have guest authors in my blog that cannot always pull in the gravatar profile image.

Someone showed me Fanciest Author Box. I like it because I can turn it off for author profiles that do have a gravatar.

However, I do need it for those that I cannot pull in the gravatar. I upload an image, It’s there….as well as the WordPress default bio box. How do I turn off the default wordpress bio box when I need to use the Fanciest author box?


Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot to us.

You can turn off the default WordPress bio by searching for it in your WordPress theme settings. If there’s no option to control it, you need to contact the theme developers and ask them.

You also use CSS to hide it by adding the display: none!important property to the author box class.

Does this help?


Eish I need this plugin in php, Is it possible with php themes if modified. ?