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I`m interested as well in a WordPress theme like the one used on plus some modifications. The design of theme should be responsive also.

you may contact me via email

Hi. In a demo page does not work some functions:

1. My Favourites “Error 500 Trying to get property of non-object”

2. Register “Error 500 include(CaptchaExtendedValidator.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory”

3. Change Password “Error 500 include(CaptchaExtendedAction.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory”

4. Manage Quotes > Submitted by Users “Error 500 Trying to get property of non-object”

it can be fixed?

which php version are you using?

Presales questions.

2. Look at the error:

Etc 1. 3. 4. errors

This system has no password recovery option for registered users. Why is that?

Do you intend to update anything or is this it?


1. I’m interested in it and can buy your almost 3 scripts but your website design , the representation is not good in all scripts, have you considered to make it better for ex: look at this

It all looks great. If you plan to make the desing upto the quality standards and make a change in the design, it’d motivate me to get 3 scripts.

2. Do you use Smarty for template (BTW it’s an industry standard)?


It’s been 6 months may I get a response from your side?

Hello mahadazad,

I want to buy this script, but I am wondering if you will help with some customization.

Sure let me know more via email

Can I get this script without any data? I need all the quotes on my website to come from me

I would like to use this script to publish my own poems and quotes. Not the “30,000” quotes already in it. Can you sell me a version without all those quotes so that I start entering new quotes by myself?. AND how can author include their photo?

Can you contact me via email.

thank you

Can you contact me via email.

thank you

Admin login is not working from Different Country. it keeps saying Wrong password. While logging from Pakistan working perfect.

it is not possible. We dont have any restriction. It seems like you are using some proxy or vpn

Hi, How can I change the default language? I want only 1 language, like default language, but not english. I dont want multilanguage, I know where is multilang folders in the app. Can you help me?

Well the script supports multi languages. What you try is to change the default language to something else in the config file

I try to login as admin and the message “Incorrect username or password” is always appearing. I’m sure that i use the correct password. I created a new user through register process with the same password with admin. I can login with this user, but when i make him admin through database (is_admin=1) i can’t. Could you please help me?