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Hi, why don’t you show a live preview for your script? is it a multi-user family tree? does it have a user registration option? so every registered user will have his own tree. Or it is a SINGLE user script?

This is a module not a website so there are no users.

Looks Great !!! Well Done :)

please make a Demosite.

Kind Regards

Hi I just got your app and i uploaded it to my hosting and i create a database using your import.sql but i got below errors when i open startup.php:

Notice: Undefined variable: ER in /home/batee5a/public_html/familytree/config/config.php on line 9

Fatal error: Class ‘PDO’ not found in /home/batee5a/public_html/familytree/classes/Database.php on line 6

Could you please help on this.

Link to my webpage is:

Tree object is not loaded in php

Its only blank page could you please reply and help

Could you please answer here please!

I got blank page, how to add persons to this tree and if there are any other requirements just name it please.


I am interested in your script. As you don’t have any live preview so i have few questions before buying it.

1. How many family members we can add? 2. It is single user script or we can use it as multiuser? 3. Can we modify the member details too? 4. What are the main features or functions of your script?

Kindly suggest

Thanks & Regards Sunny

Read the description and previous comments and you’ll find your answers.

Great Reply. Thanks

Please provide live demo.

There will not be a live demo for this.

So you will not have a lot of sales. Up to you))))

I see a blank page, please help And in my localhost i cant add or edit persons

Then check the console output

Please check codes, I see blank page

I need some help

Hi, Interesting script. Too bad about the demo though. If you’re not able to put up one, can you at least provide us with an manual or so?

Is it possible to add stepmother etc?

This is a module not a website. You can build one tree with this as is but if you add this to your website where you have a user system and extend it to save every tree with a user ID then you can have unlimited trees.

Great, that’s one thing I really would like to know more about. I have no doubt that this is a well written script, the only thing is that I must take a chance of $10 to see if it would fit my existing core in a not too big headache way. Could you pls release some of the written info about it?

I don’t know what you expect me to say more. If $10 is a risk for you then what should I say for every purchase I get about $2.

hi just checking if there is any requirement for your script to run ? any specified module required from our sharing host server ? thanks

PDO extension for mysql connection and PHP > 5 to support autoloading.

Hi, as I can see a couple posted links above where your script installed, I have a main question – How to add people to the tree? What is the logic of adding Me, my Mother, Father, Sister, Brother etc…? Is there any page with input fields or it should be added manually in php code? Please explain a bit. Thanks

Look at the screenshots

I saw your screenshots as a final look and I understand about their positions on the scheme but How they appeared there? I mean what is the first step to insert “First” person? Okay. I can see on your screenshot the pop up where to insert the data but How/Where to call that pop up after installation?

hi, just checking as well… anything in the script to differentiate if the added user is as in male / female ? One request.. possible to calculate and show the current age when the script is loading too ? Thanks

If you look at the screenshots you can see males are underlined with blue and females with pink. Of course, the database stores the date of birth so it’s easy to calculate age either on server or client side.

ah i see… btw.. i can see the dob being displayed… but could it be auto calculated from the script itself ? Can this be included in your script ? Thanks

Maybe in the next update but that will not be any time soon.

This might sell more if buyers could see how it works/looks…live sample…live preview…or something

this this script not working pls help me :

SO What i need to do bor..

Please help me to work fine.

My Server working all php related projects… php portal all working fine

do you have demo?


vilsa Purchased

Hi, I purchased but it’s not working. Please help me.

Bug bug bug bug bug bug and more bug. Really ?

Please, check & correct ALL bugs before selling a script.

JS : pan.js:1388 Error: <g> attribute transform: Expected number, “matrix(1,0,0,1,NaN,NaN)”.setCTM @ pan.js:1388

PHP (with live person) DOB can’t empty, blablablabla.

Please, correct this.


ldrrp Purchased

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘tree’ not found in /var/www/clients/client2/web48/web/callback.php:10,

Does not work for me.


ldrrp Purchased

Seems this was written for PHP 5.X.X and lower, Alot of functions changed in PHP7, Also this script was written for windows case insensitivity. Wont run under a linux server.

prey sales question: any plans to make this a website / user management system so we can manage groups of members family trees? We are looking for a system that supports 100s or 1000s of users. and manage from admin. Any plans to make a separate script that could do this?

Not really

As I see this, stupid answers of the author and little promising support. I’m looking for a script like this but you can not buy this. Bad luck.

hi… i m not getting any data … just a blue page please help

found the error - general.js – line 119

function lg(o){ if (console) console.log(o); }

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

please help me out to solve it

If it’s a server error I’m not able to help