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Hello, I bought the version that is not of wordpress by mistake. I would like to see if they can refund my money to buy the wordpress version?

Sure, please request the refund via the link I shared earlier. I will approve it :)

Dear Jake Handling:

I bought a support extension to see that you have made some updates to this plugins. Some time ago you told me “Most of the features will be added to PhotoMax so the video will be useful for all plugins”. I need a tutorial that can be followed step by step in the configuration especially of the part of facebook developer. I am waiting for some comntario or help to continue with the configuration of this plugins.

Thank you

Thank You for the extension. I will release a step-by-step guide by tomorrow. Until then let me know what help you need.

You can email us at

Hello Guys, please tell me – how to remove that accordeon with recent, popular first posts. Website : – at homepage there is Your plugin. Thanks

Please use the “Hiding Options” in the Youmax Admin Panel to hide the Sorting dropdown :)

Hey, but there is no option to hide only sorting dropdown :(

Can you please upgrade to v2.6 version. It has all the options. The option name is “Hide Sorting Dropdown”.

Can you help me to get a access token for my page?

Please use our script here –

Do check out the instructions below :)

Hello. I am having problems with the responsivity of the feed. Everything under 960 px looks fine (3 columns) but above 960 px it is all in one column. The page is:


Im sorry… I just noticed, that the page is under construction, Can I write you a personal message? Email perhlaps. Thanks.

Sure here is my email:


teKiek Purchased

I cannot get it to work at all… ? When I open the page i want the plugin to show there is a message: Could not load Page Details.. I cannot figure it out :(

Please share your webpage link and we will help you out :)

Hi, good day.

I just bought the plugin.

I was able to finish the generation of token and making the shortcode but whenever I try to post a comment via the Pop-Up.

It says “could not add comment”



Audica1 Purchased

This plugin doesn’t have any documentation at all and therefore doesn’t work. I’ve wasted so much time trying to figure out why it doesn’t look right. Please refund my money. Thanks.

Hi, Sorry to hear that. Actually all option information is added in the Famax Admin Panel itself. If you need any help, you can mail us directly and we will help you set it up.

If you are looking for a refund, please raise your request here –

Email for setup help:

Guys, what about safari, ios on mac ? I cant see pictures from feeds. At the same ios and macbook – but chrome browser – works.

Please update the plugin to v6.2 and let us know :)


I followed steps of the page “Generate token access” but the plugin display “Could not load page details” on my website…

Could you help me ?

Sorry, we have updated the docs here at the end of the demo –

Please re-generate your token :)


I bought your plugin and i followed the steps for an install on my website but I’ve an error message : “Could not load page”.

However, I create the Facebook APP same as it indicate of your token generate page, but it don’t work…

Could you help me for this ?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the delay. Docs have been added here at the end of the demo –

pry-querry : if have a multi vendor woocommerce, does your add-on function fine to export each vendor’s products to his facebook page ? or not work with multi vendors, I hope any solution for that purpose there.


Im not sure what i do wrong, post not show in to my page, please can you review it and help me to fix it


Sorry for the delay. Page not found as of now. Docs have been added here at the end of the demo –


I bought your plugin and i followed the steps for an install on my website but I’ve an error message : “Could not load page”.

However, I create the Facebook APP same as it indicate of your token generate page, but it don’t work…

Could you help me for this ?

Thanks in advance.

Please regenerate your token here –

Check the instructions below :)

Hello, How do I make the posts display in 4 columns like in your demo?

Please use the Responsive Breakpoints option in the plugin options

Hello, after adding a new famax item, the sortcode starts with “famaxpro” instead of “famax”. So I am not able to use the code generator. Is there a solution for this? Thank you.

Hello, can you please update… Is the v6.2 ready? When I download, I still get 6.1. Thank you.

We have sent v6.2 for Envato review. Please check back in 1-2 days :)


senerh Purchased

Thank you so much, the update works perfect!


senerh Purchased

Hello Author, I noticed that the posts are sorted vertical. Is there a way I can change this? I woul like to sort the posts horizontally, from left to right. Newest post on the left and go to right with the older posts etc… Thanks

As of now posts are sorted vertical. We will try to add an option for horizontal sorting in future :)

Hello, for some reason everything stopped loading for us… It was happening with v6.1 so I upgraded to v6.2 and it is still happening. Do you have any ideas of what might be happening? Here’s the page that it’s supposed to be on: Thanks!

Please generate a new Token. For complete steps, refer here –

Thanks CodeHandling… However, the link for the ‘Token Generation’ script is not working:


borelandn Purchased

I managed (just about) to get everything installed OK (Wordpress Pro Version) – you could do with having better documentation by the way! Anyway your CodeCanyon demo shows the generator has an option (5 choices) of “Albums from a Facebook Page” my generator does not have that option (only 4 choices) where has it gone???? – also is their anyway to increase the amount of text shown from Facebook posts i.e I am guessing you are showing the first 100 characters or so can i increase to 150 for example.

Are you using the latest version v6.2 ? It should have all options.

It shows 2 lines of text as of now. You can use the below CSS in any of your CSS files to display 3 lines etc.
.fp-title {max-height: 5em;}

borelandn Purchased

Thanks for the quick reply, I paid for / downloaded yesterday so presume it the latest version (Wordpress version) but like I said, I am offered 4 options while your demo shows 5 options and the one I want “Albums from Facebook Page” is missing