Discussion on Falling Particles(Snow, Balloons and etc.)

Discussion on Falling Particles(Snow, Balloons and etc.)

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congratulations! Nice Work, GLWS :)

cannot open it with “Adobe Animate CC”. Why?

because it is edge animate template

Hi! is there a possibility to add this phantstic work to a banner on Wordpress?

no, it is just js script

Is it possible to run several at the same time, say, the Balloons AND the Rain, at the same time? The javascript seems easy to modify but I am not sure how I could “namespace” the two animations at the same time. I would like to have the Balloons and the Rain on the SAME spot at the same time, with the Rain on top of the Balloons.

Hi Papanderos, Not sure I get that. I didn’t see a var container in any of the javascript files.

What I have done is renamed the images folder to images-rain and images-balloon, (so they are namespaced) and then moved both contents of your supplied Balloons and Rain folders into one folder. Then I modified the code within each _edgeActions.js at line 34 to reference the proper images folder, testing each “rain.html” and “balloons.html” to make sure I haven’t mucked up the code.

Then, copying one of the supplied html files to index.html, I have duplicated lines 13 to 20, where you have a function call:

`AdobeEdge.loadComposition(‘Balloons’, ‘EDGE-83380737’....` to simply add another ` AdobeEdge.loadComposition(‘Rain’, ‘EDGE-83380737’....`

If I include one of these function calls (either ‘Balloons’ or ‘Rain)’ then I can get it to show the corresponding animation. But if I do BOTH of these function calls, then I get a javascript error: `Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘stage’ of undefined`

Compare: Both function calls: Rain only: Balloons only:

You can “view source” to see each, to ascertain I have the same code as your original supplied files.

I am wondering if the DIV ID=”Stage” is getting destroyed and replaced with your canvas, and so cannot be re-used. Your function appears to reference by CLASS=”EDGE-83380737” and so maybe if I create a second DIV and somehow converted the Rain’s EDGE-83380737 to some other class name, maybe I could overlay the two DIVs, if they had unique classes as well as IDs?

So, I just tried creating two DIVs so they are on top of each other and have unique classes and IDs, and it doesn’t work with two calls to that AdobeEdge.loadComposition function. I see a brief flash of the balloons and then the rain totally covers it. (Which is odd, because the “Balloons” call was after the the “Rain”- and if I reverse the order, the “Ballons” begins to flash and stutter.

You can see the work here: with Balloons only: with Rain only: showing “stuttering” (when Balloons is called before Rain):

I gather this is somehow built in Adobe Edge, and would like to avoid having to learn that,would rather just stitch the code together if only I could understand it a bit better!

I’m sorry, but the utility does not support this feature.

Simple and awesome


hi! how to see the balloons?

Privet! There is folder “Balloons” in

I would like to add an effect to the snow, so that the bottom will disappear. Thank you.

Hello. Such an algorithm is difficult to implement with this script.

How can I stop the animation after 15 secs.?

thanx for your purchase. Please write me email from my profile page

how can i make it work in wordpresS?

Thanx for your purchase. It is not wordpress plugin. You have to past html code into your page and upload all necessary files.

very good work ;) i wish you all the best for your sales !


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