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Which engine does this game use? Can it be converted into a native apk somewhow ? Please let me know. I want to ask you 1 more question also. Like your work

I used construct2.I have native apk file but the leaderboard dosen’t work,now I am working with it.


Can you make this as a SocialStrap addon? I already have two sample html5 games built with Quintus lib.


Hello,How should I do with that? Do you have tutorial or article?

Yes, I have a tutorial here: http://wiki.socialstrap.net/

You can contact me via my profile page for more info: http://codecanyon.net/user/alcalbg


Hello Milos,

sorry for late reply,This is UTC+08:00.

I’m not a programmer.I am not clear about that…I just have Html5 files,is that not enough?


Currently just purchased the project and i cant seem to execute the c2 project file it tells me i am missing Behavior Move to By Rex.Rainbow contact me ASAP Need a solution. also the only behavior it was in the folder was SpriteButton i suppose theirs no Move to ?

UPDATE just found it next time supply it https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=63156&start=0

Also theirs no Leader boards in it?. like the demo?..

Hi,You can find the behavior and plugin in project file,Now I have upload the new version with leaderboard.If you are in hurry,please email me I will send you the new version.

Please send me the file i just emailed you. regarding the leader board file

There is no new mail in my email.Please send to here,leesungwoo@msn.cn

HI,Please add sound on/off function.

I have update the game with sound control,you can check in live preview.I have submitted the new version,but the new version is usually reviewed within 48 hours.If you have already purchased the game and need it in hurry,please email me,I will send the new version via email.

Can this game come with NO clay.io integration. I prefer remove this and only show local High Scores.

The lower version has only local high scores.If you need purchase and email me I will send the file via email.


The same LeaderBoard as the one used in the demo site is displayed. Can I use the LeaderBoard dedicated to my HP? Alternatively, I think I want to remove Ghost shown as Ghost.ScoreBoard.


The latest version support the leaderboard.The leaderboard is provided by clay.io,so it can’t be set in your own server.If you need a new leaderboard like demo,please email me.I will create another one for you and send you the file via email.

Thank you for your purchase.


i want to discuss something about customize the game interface, can you email me for further discussion?.


Any change for custom edit so you can add 3 events for me so it will work on my arcade? If you do, I’ll need them when the player loses. These are the events: http://s22.postimg.org/jhcu9hrpt/events.png, If you can do it, let me know. Thanks in advance

That’s more than 3 events,and it needs call data from your server via AJAX.It is not so easy to create a new leaderboard(score system) on server.The code needs more energy than I create this game(current version).

I created the score system by my side, with PHP. I only need to call data with AJAX and redirecte it to my other page. Well, Thanks anyway.

hello friend, when I do the simple purchase of $ 10 I get a capx to change the way I want?, and if I want to buy more than one project in capx I have some discount? await response

hi there, i have purchased this file but do not get any sound from either the HTML files or the C2 files. I have tried with and without the leaderboards and directly running from c2 as well as exporting to various formats but no sound. Any suggestions?

Which browser are you working with? Maybe new version of construct2 do not support well with old sound.you can import your music instead.

Thank you for your purchase

hallo, I want ask, how to change speed game (floor) ? to fast.

what code should I change

hallo, I want ask, how to change speed game (floor) ? to fast.

what code should I change

I mean too fast, I want slowly

The game was made by consturct 2,you need open the game with this software,then you will see the clean code.

Thanks! I sent you email: saad**@gmail

help ):

Any recent update?

It’s it possible to only use official plugins?

hi i buy the game and when i open it tell it tells missing plugins? what should i do to fix this …... help please

I have replied via email


dslr Purchased

Does this project use local storage?