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The demo shows a series of blue bars across the screen with snowflakes in the top bar only. This cannot be right, can it? Have a look. Something does not seem right.

For me works fine. Please tell me your Operating System and the browser’s name and version to check. I’ve checked this product on all modern browsers (IE9+, Firefox 4+, Safari 4+, Opera, Chrome ; Windows, Mac and Linux) and it worked fine.

Now it should work fine in firefox.

In chrome it works fine… I have the same problem with a series of bars in Firefox version 14.0.1 .

For some reasons when I try to get the body height in firefox , it returns 100 (px) . I have to check. I think I know where the problem is. I will come with an update soon. Thank you for the report.

Now it should work fine in firefox.

Works fine in Safari Version 6.0 (8536.25)

Just one thing and this can be perfect, can you make the snowflakes randomly turn in different ways and speed? I mean clockwise and counter.

That will make this plugin amazing!

GLWS man

That would be great. I will try something and I will come with an answer soon. Thank you for the suggestion.

Now the flakes can move horizontally and vertically ,but not clockwise because it’s hard to keep it at a high FPS . I hope you like this.

Have a good day.

Can i change the flakes for a logo ?

Yes , you can use whatever image you want. Just set the path to the image and optionally the sizes of the image. Everything you want to know is in the documentation.

Is it possible use a folder of images for the snowflakes?

No , you can’t use a folder of images but what you can do is to call the function more than one time but with another image each time. This is not going to slow your webpage because the canvas element is accelerated by the graphics card in modern browsers.


I was just wondering if you are able to add depth to your animation. For instance, making some snow flakes bigger than others. They also for some reason not seeming natural, some snowflakes are spinning and falling while others will fall as if the wind is being blown.

If you relook at your code and fix these small requests I will definitely buy this product.

Sorry for my late response. I will implement this feature as soon as posible.

Done! Look at the live preview ;)

Hi. I have not been able to make this script work. Do not know why. I use Magento. I think I have an issue with image path and js path. I really don’t know. I want my website to have this snow thing. I paste it in the page I want it too but nothing. I wish it worked.

I emailed the developer through this site and still no response.

Do not waste your time and money.

I Dont want to call it from the body tag, is there anyway to make it div? for example

(div id=”flakes”)

instead of <body id=”flakes”>...?

brackets are there just to bypass filters on this site

If you want t do this , you have to replace the value of the ‘container’ parameter it with the element’s id that you want.

I would purchase this but does not work in Firefox 25 Mac. However, works ok in Chrome and Safari.

Ad your demo you rotate the images also rotation about the x-axis. How I can do it exactly like at your demo?

At your demo you rotate the images also rotation about the x-axis. How I can do it exactly like at your demo?

Hi, I am sorry for the late response. If you read the documentation you will see the rotation parameter which includes another 4 parameters: horizontally, vertically, clockwise and anticlockwise. I think you would want to set horizontal to true in order to get the desired effect. Thank you for purchasing my product. Have a good day.

At your demo you rotate the images also rotation about the x-axis. How I can do it exactly like at your demo?