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If i get EXTENDED LICENSE can i make the app paid instead of free i know some source codes dont allow that

Yes, you can do that with extended license :-)

nice item , good luck in sales


hello, how did you do the ball animation? sprite sheet? thanks

anyway to make it into a sprite?

Sure it’s possible but needs some coding

ok i sent u a PM

Do I need to install Corona on my MAC? Can I just use xcode to archive and submit to appstore? Do I have to reskin it?

You need corona to compile the code and make output file. I suggest changing at least buttons so the game will look slightly different than my version

I saw you have android version? What version is lastest and better?

Both versions are the same with some changes regarding the platform (iOS / Android)

Hey how it’s going. I purchase this template and reskinned it. I submitted to apple for beta testing. Apple rejected it saying they found bugs when running on iPad version 9.3. Do you know what can be the cause? Thanks!

You can thank me by giving a nice rate of my project in your downloads page :-)

With out a doubt, going rate now!! Thanks a million!!

Thanks for your rating :-)