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I got this error after downloading corona and trying to run the app. File: module ‘plugin_google_iap_v3’ not found can you please advise?

android studio?? this is Corona project, not android studio

i downloaded android studio to get the android sdk but trying to run it in corona simulator. the newest build.

Give me your email, I’ll make some modifications to the project and I’ll send you via mail. Maybe there’s an option to avoid the problem

Excellent Code. How do I change the ball to my character?

Appreciate it.

If you give me your email I’ll send you updated template with the feature you requested :-)

I will send it to you on skype = solacetech . Thanks!

how to change the logo and splash screen

Put “logo.png” to “Images” folder. At the end of edit.lua add this: Qlogo = true

Open menu.lua and at the end of function menu:show(event), it’s about line 432 add this:

if Qlogo then Qlogo = false local logo = display.newImage(“Images/logo.png”) logo.x = centerX logo.y = centerY transition.to(logo,{delay=2000,time=500,alpha=0,onComplete=killObj}) end

This will show logo for 2 seconds after launching the game. I don’t see the difference between logo and splashscreen in this case.

how to sign the apk give me any easy way i am not getting through

i am unable to turn on google game services if i turn it on and build the app it says app is unfortunately stopped how to solve it

You could try. Maybe it takes some time before google accepts your newly created accout / app id so it doesn’t show ads, I don’t know.

how to integrate adcolony sdk for interstitial ads

adcolony is not supported by Corona sdk free version

how to add GCM and google analytics

how to add some powerups to the game

It’s not so easy to add powerups, you should define new objects like platforms and set logics related to collision with player.

how to add infinity right to left screen i mean ball can move from right side to left side instead of stucking at corner

delete lines about 450 and 454 from play.la (it’s physics.addBody( borderl, “static”,{bounce=0}) and physics.addBody( borderr, “static”,{bounce=0}))

somewhere in line 264 add this: if player.x < screenLeft-player.width/2 then player.x=screenRight+player.width/2 end if player.x > screenRight+player.width/2 then player.x=screenLeft-player.width/2 end

this code is showing some error

I don’t remember exact variables and functions, check http://docs.coronalabs.com

I want to add a story before game starts … How to add it…?

Gifs aren’t supported. You must make png sequence and count time to change image. You can look for tDelta variable in play.lua, try to make similar function which counts time and changes images.

can i change the background with an image

It’s possible but my time is very limited and I can’t provide individual modifications. You should look for “bg” variable and use bg.fill={type=”image”,filename=”Images/background.png”} and remove functions which change colors.

i has been a long time can you give any update


malik3 Purchased

hi i have accidentally purchased the regular licence when i wanted to buy the extended one. I must of not clicked the drop down option. is there any way i can upgrade my licence as i really want to make use of the IAP features