Fake chat app, call app, message notification iOS 13+ with Admob

Fake chat app, call app, message notification iOS 13+ with Admob

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Having a tiring and stressful working day, or you are experiencing stress. Surely you will need something to entertain and what better than when you want to prank with your friends on another level? Here we bring you this such amazing application that allows you to create fake chat conversation, fake call screen, fake message notification and allows you to create your own story.

This application is for entertainment purpose only and is fully native, created in the latest Xcode version, support all latest feature of the iOS platform to provide the best user experience. The application is specially optimized, super easy to re-skin and customization

HOW DOES THE APP WORK This app has 3 main feature:
  • Fake Chat Conversation (Messenger, Whatsapp)
  • Fake Message Notification
  • Fake Call


  1. You need a Macbook or MacOS computer with Xcode IDE installed (latest version), you can easily download in here
  2. You will need a Google Admob account to use ads I already attached, just simply change the ads code number
  3. You will need a Firebase account if want to chase this app with metrics
  4. You will need a developer account if want to publish this interesting app on App Store
Intersting Features:
  • Create Fake Chat with Messenger interface or Whatsapp interface
  • Easily switch the role of people in the conversation
  • Customize the chat with anything you wish
  • Save the screenshot of fake in your device chat to prank friends
  • Choose the background picture you want in fake message notification, we provide 9 default pictures
  • Set Timer for fake call start
  • Customize our Ring and Vibration sound, Voice with your own easily
  • Perfect call screen similar with 99.99% iPhone screen
  • Admob already attached
  • Built-in Xcode using Swift 5.x

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