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Hello WebPro,

Just bought it as soon as I have seen it. Cool! Have you more of these?

Regards Reputelligence


Glad you liked it! It’s a very nice component for all websites.

This would be awesome for WordPress :)

Do you mean, having the same login screen (UI)?

While the idea is a nice one, it’s also (in my opinion) a little pointless. Anyone clever enough to use SQL injection or brute force attacks is also clever enough to mask their IP address.

Nice as a notification tool, but as they don’t actually gain access to anything there is nothing much you could do once you had the information (unless the person is incredibly stupid).

A much easier, and more effective tool, is to simply only allow access to your admin area from a specific IP address. That way there is pretty much no way they can access the admin panel :)

The IP address for your REAL admin panel is of course the way to go. This is NOT the real admin panel, but a fake one, to “catch” and have a little fun with the attackers that try to hack your site. etc. So, this is a complement for your site, just to discourage the attackers from trying to hack your site.

About proxies, yes, sure they may know, but you would be surprised to see how many (in my experience 90%) don’t even bother to use a proxy when they try to guess the admin password, etc. So it’s very effective, and you can proceed to ban them from your website. Otherwise, they would probably go trying to inject SQL in other forms of your site. That would not be easy to detect if you only had a real protected admin panel.

I have been using this for more than 10 years and I can tell you that it’s been a very handy tool for my websites, that’s why I decided to publish it here.

Rergards and thanks for your thoughts. Agus

A quick question. Can I use this with WP? WP admin folder is wp-admin, can it mimic the same name?

You would need to rename the original wp-admin directory to a new name, make a new folder called wp-admin copy FAH into that new folder and see where to configure your new wp-admin folder in WP.

I don’t have to check how to do it at this time, but will do it and add the explanation in the user manual.


I searched the Wordpress official forum but there is no concrete answer as to how rename the ‘wp-admin’ folder and make the site work. Though I did find some reference of hacking the htaccess file of wordpress.

I will really appreciate if you could provide the ‘explaination’ not in the user manual but here in the FAQs as that will encourage many WP users to buy the script…including me

Nice idea,I will once I get back home as I’m out of my country and will return in 2 months… Thanks for the idea. I think it should be easy… let me know if you find some info in the meantime, Regards

If this logs everything an attacker spits into it, it could be used to cripple your website from the inside, sending emails and logging everything can be quite intensive.

Considering most things that will access it are bots, the attempts can happen quite fast, few thousand attempts per second if not throttled. This would flood your mail queue and slowly grow to a very large database of debunk input.

Just my 2 cents.

Bots don’t try to guess addresses, only “hackers” do. Bots (crawlers) just follow links in your html and try to crawl them, never try to guess an url. And, even if they did, they won’t enter data and submit forms, that’s not the way bots work.

If you mean a bot that works by brute force, the bot will be banned just as the user is (it’s “logged” in a fake admin session).


this is more like a pishing lol