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Hi, is it easy to upload image or photo ?

Yes, you can bulk upload or upload one by one.

Thanks for buying my plugin!

Hey can you display the title of the picture under the picture?

Where can I find the shortcodes? I am not seeing them listed inside the plugin settings.

Hi webdevusa2

you just add [facemash] is your post. Please check documentation

Thanks for buying my plugin!

Hi, i am using wordpress/ buddypress. i love the way this plugin is ajax. but is it possible to allow registered user to upload their photo and battle each other. if this is possible, it will the best battle plugin in wordpress ever.

Sure, I can look into it.

Will u update it ? Will u add a reset button to reset the scores ?

Sure, good idea..

Doesnt work anymore, totally buggy :/

Sent u a mail but still no answer

I replied, let us continue conversation there

u need rly long to answer >.<

It is still buggy & doesnt work fine. Support no answer/help for 3 days.

Hi There, I replied to your question, I am looking at your issue.

Will get back to you when it is resolved.

Still waiting & no answer

Have not had a chance to fix it yet, but will get to it soon.

Apologize for the delay, but I am out of office currently.

Hello, can I create 2 or more facemash’s ?

Sorry, no. One per page only.

Hi, the demo has buttons for “Like both” and “Hate both”

Is it possible to rate one choice over the other??

Hi, the demo has buttons for “Like both” and “Hate both”

Is it possible to rate one choice over the other??

Sorry, I can not add a directory, put all the photos in Facemash / data /’ll add photos and put facemash/data/ and nothing appears

I got!!! tks

can I take out the two buttons?

Sure, look for the buttons in the source code and delete them. Let me know if you need help.

link “tools” disappeared admin

Can you send me an email at

link preview doesn’t working

Works now..

Hi, after purchase I installed but see this error, and does not display photos:

Warning: fopen(/home/../public_html/wp-content/plugins/facemash/facemash_2.js) [function.fopen.html]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/../public_html/wp-content/plugins/facemash/facemash.php on line 597 Unable to open file for facemash

How to fix? Thanks

I solved by changing to 777 all these files, but the script seems to have some issue (the tournament goes in loop, without a winner), I sent you an email with example, thanks.