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Hi, I got this error after step 1. Strict Standards: mysqli::next_result(): There is no next result set. Please, call mysqli_more_results()/mysqli::more_results() to check whether to call this function/method in /home/u6563524/public_html/install.php on line 247

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hello is it still work

Yes it still work and supported from us too, You need a Facebook app with the “publish_actions” permission and will work fine with you

hello, i would like to know with this scrip

1-is it possible to connect by a proxy?

2-is it safe to post \\\”unlimited posts\\\” in groups?

3-with this script can i sent to join groups?

4-do you know how many message can i send to groups?

5-is it safe to posts in multiple groups with this? i have almost 150 groups and many accounts thank you

Facebot only post for your App users not to your own Facebook groups or account

hi can i move my current test users from one app to another?

From Facebook App to another Facebook App ?


No you can’t

can we post links to all app users wall

Yes but you need the publish_permission for your Facebook App :)

Hello, 1. Can each facebook page owner sign up with me for a user account and start posting articles,images and videos to his or her when using the script.

2. Is there away to limit users the number of posts they can post in a day or month?

3. Is there a way to integrate in a billing system such that my users have the option to sign up on my system and also the option to choose a package? For example i could have packages such as ; 1. 100vPots a month $5 , 1000 posts a month $20, etc.

4. Is there away to completely delete all posts from the system after like 1-2 months from the time of posting but the posts do remain on the respective facebook pages and groups. Because my system will get so much loaded with users facebook posts and images.

Lastly, do you have an idea about facebook page user email scraper?

I look forward to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

Facebot send posts to just your Facebook App users

hai, can this work with closed/private facebook group?

No work only with your Facebook App users

Hi, Can I make auto like / auto comments / auto posts in groups and pages? I want that my bots (a few accounts) will be likes, comments, posts in groups and pages.

Facebot will post automatically to all your Facebook app users nothing else

is it possible to delete the posts after 4 hours? i want aftes 4 hours to clear the posts from the walls

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hi, is this web apps still working with new fb api?

Yes it’s working fine with new APIs

Hi, is there any possibilities to publish to certain user only, not to all user in the list? also, is there any setting for delay between posts ?

No you can publish to certain user, Facebot post to all of your Facebook app users.

Does this script still work?

Yes, but will need a Facebook app with a publish permission so you can use your app to publish on all users wall. It’s difficult to get this permission right now from Facebook review team.

I have an online newspaper and I want as soon as I post a new article in my newspaper to automatically post it in my Facebook page and Facebook profile. Can your script do this?

Facebot only manage the post publishing for your app’s users. and you will add the post from the admin panel so you need someone to develop a addon on your newspaper script to achieve what you want