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You script does not work on my hosting. There is no pdf document in the download file.

Shall we correct these or shall I receive a refund?

Just bought your product, but like a few other people have mentioned, after installing everything correctly, I just see “Instant Chat (0)” on the bottom of my screen as plain text.

Is there a solution to fix this? I see the tables are being properly created in my database and have tried troubleshooting possible jquery conflicts, but can’t seem to find a resolution, please help…

After some further messing around and manually adding and removing stuff to figure out the issue I have found a solution! :)

In the fblike-shoutbox folder, editing the file “asb-misc.php” on line 5, and modifying the line from

define(‘ASB_URL’, ‘http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/'.str_replace( $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].’/’, ’’, $antislash_rep ) );


define(‘ASB_URL’, ‘' );

fixes the issue! It seems that with the default code in there, it produces an improper source and ends up giving out an invalid address such as the url twice which in turn stops everything from finding things. For me it ended up defining the url as the web address followed by the hard drive location with the full directory..

i.e. folder/fblike-shoutbox/file.php

This obviously would not work, so by manually changing it like I did above, everything started displaying properly! :)

Update.. Ok, all the stuff seems to be displaying fine, but I cannot submit any messages! When I type something in and press send, nothing happens.. No submission, or update to the chat log occurs.. Strange.. It show the online users fine, and all the sql tables are there but no messages can be sent… :/

Re-Update.. Alright, disregard the previous message… All is working fine now and messages are displaying. I was using TinyMCE editor for textboxes, so this didin’t allow my messages to be posted, after removing tinymce as the default textbox appliance it started working! :)

Thanks for all the self-help lol..

I have one question, it seems like it has a multiple shoutbox feature, but does if have an instant messenger feature?

I follow the documentation and still have this error: > No database selected

Entred the good information about my bdd …

Sorry for my late, send me a screen of your configuration file and your website url to (I will not use or keep any information, you can hide your password, it’s just to help you ;))

It work perfect and script is great, but in commercial hostings and in projects with lot of users (like in my case) – this script generate plenty of requests to php files (like: asb_ajax.php). This could lead to block your serwice by the hosting provider. Thanks anyway.

Same thing as usernew, no database selected …


Its posibble to place the chatbox by default on sidebar ? I just dont want kt look like fb chat. But still i like the features.

Demo site not working, please check it :)

this script not work already???