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The app when you click the link just opens a pop up window and it closes right away, nothing is happening.

I apologise for the same, Could you try again. The app was in SandBox, now I have disabled and it should work now.

Thanks works now! I like the setup, How can you set it to a limited downloadable thing? Also the voucher numbers are random or can we create them for the app?

I have not limited to each user, however we can limit the user for downloading. Yes voucher can be use in app and it is generating randomly. All data are getting stored in .txt files.

Looks interesting. Can I customize the design of the voucher myself?

Yes, You can customize the voucher design and have attached the psd in script. I am gonna upload high resolution psd as well in very soon.

Can u may add more features ? A backend would be great. Do they ever download the same voucher number ? or every user another one ? Regards :)

yep, but randomly isnt so good, upate it with an database, that every code will jsut generate ONE time. Looking forward into this. Hold me up :)

Okay, I will try to launch with one database as well. However, I will add unique voucher code in the current system with the user facebook ID

Any update news?

Can this be used as a lottery system type of functionality?

no, I have launched to download voucher only, however you can use this as a lottery system but you have to do the manually.

I don’t have Facebook account, so I can’t try your demo, but can you help me understand what your script does?

Is this to get Facebook likes?

Yes, this script is like to promote your facebook page, viral it and increase your fans. You can watch the demo here.

Hi, i purchased the script, I did a test with my facebook account now each time a publication is generated on my wall (timeline), you could tell me how I can do to disable it?

Hey omarsoft, sorry for being late reply. You need to remove the post on wall function with this one graphStreamPublish(); If still doesn’t resolve, could you please have live chat support via skype or gmail. Here is gmail ID : and skypeID is : wpdeveloperanddesigner. Please let me know, If I can help you with any way.

Keep Getting the error message

this sucks no one should have to wait this long for a reply when they buy something I followed all instructions but the voucher is not displaying at the download screen keeps getting error message

Hey there, I am extremely apologise for this, could you please have live chat support via skype or gmail. Here is gmail ID : and skypeID is : wpdeveloperanddesigner. Please let me know, If I can help you with any way.

thanks I just sent you invite from

I am going to purchase the code but would like to know if you had any suggestions about how to best include a form to capture user data i.e. name, email, phone & country before they are able to download the coupon.

Thanks that would be greatly appreciated. Will I send you a private email with details to arrange a time that suits. Thanks

Great, Do let me know when you email me. Thanks

I have sent you an your address provide regarding the issue. Can you please check and let me know if you can assist

Hi, I want to buy your product but I have few questions before, even if there we have positive and negative review. 1. All files of the application will be hosted in your server or in our server? 2. Do you have an administration panel for this application? 3. At this moment this application is fully functional or not ? Waiting for your answer. Best Regards,

Hi there, 1. ( In your server ) 2. No, We don’t have any administration panel. 3. Fully functional. If you are looking for something more customization please send me an email. I will surely help you.

Hi This app looks great, if it could be fully customizable and self-branded. Would it be possible for me to change the text (wording) myself? There are spelling mistakes in the sample/demo voucher. Thanks

Hi Teeno, Yes you can change words etc and manage according to yourself. If you have special requirement please email me at Also tell me what part exactly are you looking to change. Thanks

Do you know if your code still works given the recent changes to the facebook API. The loader popup to request permissions to post to the users wall is not appearing and i get a browser popup saying an error occurred.

Hi, Mark I email you with the details. Can you please update for the same.

This app would be perfect for my needs if it had the following 2 features that have been requested previosuly: 1) Randomly generated voucher number or number based of the users FB ID. 2) Ability to capture the user information into a database or flat file.

Yes, The above two features are available in this Voucher. It generate random codes and it store in flat .txt file. Let me know if you have any other question Thanks


Nice stuff, would like to purchase the script, once purchased, I can make changes to the script, right? I would like to put the script on 2 of my current projects that I am developing for someone. Also when someone signs in with Facebook account, it says, the script is trying to access, the friends list, email id etc… any way we can store these in a DB, or if you can guide me on how to go about it, I would happily do it myself, if you need an additional pay for doing this stuff for me, that would be fine too.

Hi Doodash, Glad you liked our stuff. At the present, you can customize according to your requirement but you cannot connect with database directly, We can customise accordingly to your requirement, Can you please email us at and add on any chat support so we can discuss further. Thanks

Does it print out a list of names/emails of participants?

Yes, It print the name of the participants.

Hello , are you still running your script?

I need to be sure that the coupons will be able to generate truly be validated in the area of ads .


Hi Mac, My script still works perfectly, only thing is that your app need to be approved in Facebook apps submission for various permission. You can check on live test side. Thanks

Sorry, posted twice by mistake

This is a SWEET app! Do we have control over look and feel, images, etc of this? – A message on the Facebook wall also appears for everyone who has downloaded the Voucher. With this feature, the contest promotes itself.

Additionally, is it possible to code in ability to send voucher requester a notification alert with download link and ability to add a custom message? Be huge! Contact me. If you are interested in such, I can promote this app to my list. They buy FB tools like crazy. I have over 20K. Internet marketer for 15 yrs BTW, I downloaded the voucher and no post has been made to timeline or wall :)

Okay, please give me time I will check and discuss with my team and let you know.

Is there a backend now? It’s been 3 years since you stated one would be added