mani915 does not currently provide support for this item.

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I have already sent a support ticket 24 hours ago and I still have no answer, it is unbelievable that to use the system you have to give me a user and a password and have never clarified it, I am wasting my time, sorry for your service , I hope others can see this comment before buying.

Hello,sorry for late reply due to holidays. Please check our reply on fresh desk. for further issue let me know. Thanx


I cannot activate Facebook Viral Coupon.

Gives me error message: “no direct access”.

hi, please give me your purchase code and username .open ticket here Thanx

Hello henoz,

Thank you for this application

I can’t find the login and password in documentation for this link

Thank you in advance

Item Purchase Code: 287b58d9-abea-4fa5-a7ab-845c65456151

hello, please open ticket here i will send you detail here. Thanx

Your app doesn’t work, when do you plan to fix it?

Hello, Is this app is mobile compatible ? If yes, is it compatible with facebook browser and/or facebook app ?

Hello, i purchased the Facebook Viral Coupon but i can’t connect to backoffice. user:admin & pass:admin doesn’t work. Can you tell me how to connect ? Thank you.

Here is my Ticket #6803, it’s very urgent. Thank you

Your app doesn’t work. When do you plan to fix it?

What is the difference between this new plugin “Facebook Viral Coupon” and your old plugin “Facebook Triple Viral Pro”?


What is the Username and password for Admin credentials

still waiting for your reply… i have sent freshdesk support ticket also.. but you people are not responding


pdaboy Purchased

ADMIN & PWD doesn’t work … CAN U FIX IT Before you selll?


pdaboy Purchased

where is the support !!!!


pdaboy Purchased

we NEVER get your support—PLEASE REFUND

are the coupan code generated on auto or we have to create them manually

we NEVER get your support (will wait for next 3 days)

Is this item still being supported?

there is no support but why ??

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Crap, after I bought it I checked the comments. It does not work, lousy installation manual. I discovered the errors that I gave myself and when I was able to run the setup I did not accept my license code

How can Codecanyon approve selling such a product ????

Can i submit my own coupons or everything is generated? also is possible link the coupon to the data from the people who redeem the coupon? so we can track the usage


alain777 Purchased

Can’t log into the script once purchase. They say to enter the purchase code but it’s not working. I have sent email + made a ticket 5 days ago and no anwser.