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Whats new in this release? Demo?

App has been rewritten with code igniter , also new facebook sdk has been applied

nice to hear u got the app rewritten. if u got the demo up and running, i would love to have a look. efxaristo

Thank you !

I would be also interested, currently your demo show me only this:

Did you accept app’s terms


scool Purchased

Hello Delmoras, please check your messages and reply to me. we need your technical support. login not working

with this script i can do a Sweepstakes Facebook app? i need to the users login with their Facebook accounts and like my page and later i can run the script to do sweepstakes and give away a couple of prizes?

Hello, Is there away to automatically select winners and still automatically notify the winners by email? Iam asking because i do not see any where in your demo where winners are selected or notified and also i do not see how winners get to win or become winners.

Kindly advise me on how people get to become winners.

Thank you Ronnie

Please DELETE /hide all user details from your demo admin Page!! You don’t have rights to reveal it for public view.


KITCons Purchased

Hi i have just get the app. I have followed all instruction on the documentation. But when i want to access it in my browser I have the following error “File not found” Any help?


KITCons Purchased

I din’t exectute correctly “chmod +x .htaccess”. Now it s done and i have 403 error

I’m stuck in a loop when it tries to load the page it just keeps like refreshing.. Any help is appreciated..

Want to buy this app. Does it work? Not seeing a lot of posts from the author…

Purchased this product, and after following all instructions all I get is the following error: “No input file specified. “


strudi Purchased

contestappdb.sql doesnt contain default data and the app doest work

Delmoras, please respond. Your app doesn’t work.

Plugin doesn’t work, please fix it.


madnazz Purchased

can you help us, we have nginx as webserver, but on the login page refresh without message…? the logfile says ui/css/elfinder.theme.css 404 ?

Plugin doesn’t work, please remove it from CodeCanyon!

This author’s banner plugin didn’t work either. He provided no support. It was removed and this author should be to.

Hello users. I bought this script a few months ago and I fixed it so I can offer an updated working version to whoever is interested and has the purchased status on codecanyon. Delmoras has made a good job with this plugin but he forgot to upload the correct database and it had a few minor bugs.

email inexxus @

Hi the demo seems have some bugs. is it possible to have it in french language?