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I set up the secret contents of this post But then after a click Secret content does not appear Please help, thanks


[fb_wpress_content_locker id=”1”] My locked content comes here XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [/fb_wpress_content_locker]

Hi: Already reply mail to the author , through email contact form.


Will you have received my contact letters? Is Click email contact form This author provides limited support for this item through email contact form. Message to you? In two days ago before I leave a message, you have received it, should I then give you a message?

please help, thank you:)

We’ll get back to you by email coming 24h, thanks for your patience

Hello need to include this sign in an image gallery of a post. Can you help me?

For customization please contact us through our profile page with more details, thanks

Software Version compatible 4.4.1

Yes !

hi , you can configure facebook and word pres I am unable to send you the login and password . can you help me!

Support is don exclusively by email. And need a link and admin access to your site

the data sent by e-mail


You don’t have permission to access /acesso/14/01/2016/como-checar-se-o-iphone-6-plus-e-original-ou-falso/ on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Did you receive the email ? support/codecanyon

Yes, should get back to you soon

thank you

hi , when you think you can solve the problem of the plugin? already have a few days I bought and even now can not use . thank you.

Support is done by email, so please reach us by email following the previous conversation. No need to post here and send email ;)

I could give me the dineheiro because plugin does not work at all and did not get the necessary support. Thank you so much.

I could give me the dineheiro because plugin does not work at all and did not get the necessary support. Thank you so much.

Is there a way to create a lock for one facebook page on an article, and another facebook account for a different article? As in, have the ability to lock for different facebook pages.

This is mostly yo lock articles, not Facebook pages. And you can lock as many articles / pages as you want

hi Is there any way to lock category page (specified category page) and under post is also lock

Some one is open this category URL—> redirect to facebook login and Some one is open post in this category—> redirect to facebook login

Only the posts or pages where the shortcode is used can be locked


Not available ex:

please hlep, thank you:)

Support is exclusively done by email. Plus your support period seems expired

Hi, my purchase code doesn’t work ? Why ? :(

hi when will you fix it ?

I sent you an email with proper ftp data to my server

Should be fixed ;)

How do I download user data in csv??

They should be available in that format from the plugin settings, you can just copy paste then into a file that you name with a .csv

Hello, I just installed on my wordpress website. First of all Facebook app creating guide is from 2013 quite outdated and guide is about general app creating not about this plugin. Second content didn’t unlocked on my website, also although i have connected with my own account, i can not see my self in the connected users list.

I will get back to you within 24h, got your email, thanks for your patience

Yea thanks 2 days passed still waiting….

Should be sorted out. Let us know if you need anything else !

does still work and fully functional on WP 4.9 ?

I just need to clarify. I tested your demo but it seems that the email submission is optional (could be unchecked by user). Is there a way to make it required ?
Also when I click on the share to facebook button nothing happens. Can you please fix this so I could really see your demo ? Thanks

What I meant is that it shares on FB but is does not show the content.

I will check it out and publish an update. May need an update to the latest Facebook API

My Item Purchase Code no funciona