Facebook Video Downloader With Admob Banner & Interstitial

Facebook Video Downloader With Admob Banner & Interstitial

★ Overview

You can download video from Facebook

Facebook Video downloader allows download video to your android directly and watch them any time you want to You can manage your downloaded video

This app can download the large video : 20MB and more

Download video easily with this app

This app is developed by eclipse.

★ Features

• Unlimited download

• Login to your Facebook account

• Smart download manager

• Download in background mode

• Download videos larger 20MB by 3G and wifi

• Play downloaded video on the app

★ Requirements

• Require Android 2.1 and later

• google play serice

• appcompat_v7

★ Instructions

Login to your facebook account : - You can login to your facebook account

- Press button download when you want to download any videos

Download Manager : - Download video in background

- Notification : show the notification when your download progress completed

- Multiple download : you can download many videos one time

- Play video on the app

★ Download Demo apk :

★ What You Get:

Eclipse Source Code End Documentation File HTML End Video File

★ Reskin:

It’s easy to re-skinnig just follow the documentation