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I see on the comment this script has lot of customers support issue. Do you plan to update or upgrade this script soon?

Last update of the script is over a year since 9 May 2015. I was planning to buy the script tomorrow. But I want to be sure if the script really work as described.

Hello,yes this script is working fine.There is no issue.Some time customer face problem due to lake of technical skill, but we help them in all phases in every can buy it.if you fell any issue then create ticket here Thanx :)

Hello, Still waiting..

hello, wait for what? Do you create any ticket?


apavli Purchased

Hi. Please reply to the ticket..

which ticket? for technical issue please open ticket here Thanx


apavli Purchased


hello, we are on it,Thanx

Does it work with free SSL?

yes it works. Thanx

Hello, I can’t log to my admin panel… it says that requires purchased code and when i enter it shows that i have one time licence. My link:

hello, please open ticket here and provide me your purchase code i will check it what is the issue. Thanx


nzangou Purchased

Possible to custom script and add 4 steps (Like phone number) ??

Hello, just a pre-sale question. Admin panel doesn’t work anymore. Is this app still working ?

Hello… I have a pre-sale question:

What is the difference (if any) between “Facebook Viral Coupon” and “Facebook Triple Viral Pro”?


mixing Purchased

Hello, I’m requesting a refund on this script purchased a couple weeks ago since it does not work properly. Step 2 (Invite Friends) does not work with Facebook changes, making this script useless and not working as described.

Thank You


Tigrusor Purchased


I buyed form you 2 app: Triple viral pro and viral coupon and i have same problem with both app, the butoon “invite friends” does’t work … the friends did’t receive the request.

Please help me with this issue.

Best regards,


if you need facebook publish_action approved apps so inbox me