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I purchased this plugin a few weeks ago, and despite my several messages let on the forum and email sent to the support, I haven’t got any answer, the plugin is still not working. I have several bugs: the popup appears even if the user liked the FB page. it sometimes appears without the button “like”, the background sometimes becomes opaque, but the popup doesn’t appear (bug noticed on mac). I wasted a lot of time to test it, and to write messages without answer. Now I will contact a technical expert to fix these bugs. I asked a a refund last week, but no answer, as ever… I definitely don’t recommend this plugin.

How do I use the plugin on certain pages? I need to disable it on the homepage.

Hi I purchased this plugin and don´t can install the plugin send the message don´t have the files to install could help me

I purchased this plugin a few days ago but this plugins is not working please help me

I purchased this plugin a few days ago but this plugins is not working please help me

Hello I am interested to buy this plugin. I wonder if after the visitors pressed “like” the window is lost or they can press “unlike”

Hi sir, i bought this long ago, but i need it to work also on mobiles, do you have a new version that works on mobiles, or can changes be made to my version for it to work in mobiles? Thank you very nice

Interested buyer .. i’ve a question.. what is the average Likes would i get for every 1000 Visits ?


zaludo Purchased

This plugin can’t even be uploaded! He does not recognize it as a plugin!

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I love your plugin but can you tell me how do I enable it for mobile devices?


URGENT Purchased

Don’t waste your money, this plugin hasn’t been updated for years!


safir1 Purchased

how do I enable it for mobile devices?

Why its not responsive?

Hi, i’ve bought your plugin. Can you also make sure there are DUTCH language files available? + How do i remove the powered by xxx


andy_ae Purchased

This Item is a waste of time. The first item we bought here with no support. No help. German-Translation is a joke. Refund – No answer.


macdim Purchased

This plugin does not even download..

what about already likes facebook page it’s show for them or not ?

Hi I need to change the color of the countdown timer on the bottom right. Also I’d like to make my facebook like box bigger. Can you help?