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nice stuff. do i setup the affiliate links per post or its across the site? I didnt understand why you have multiple offers in the list. does the pop rotate between the aff offers?

We actually need to update that video. This new released version of FacebookTNT allows you to Autopost to Facebook making this a set and forget plugin…:) Yes, you add affiliate links in positions 1-10 for Desktop and 1-10 for Mobile for a total of 20 affiliate links! The affiliate links always remain in the same position as the RSS feed dynamically updates. No, the pop is specific to the position and pops are only for desktop (We recommend a 5 sec delay). For mobile, we created an adhesion banner that remains at the bottom of the user’s smartphone.. As a side note, you can also use the html: tel://15551237777 (Example phone number) for Click to Call banners i.e. Pay Per Call Marketing – Our specialty…:)

The best way we have seen to use this plugin so far is to make a niche specific Facebook Fan Page and then let Facebook drive traffic to your Fan Page (i.e. Boost your page).* Most people are interested in what is happening right now (Trending Now) so the Click Through Rate (CTR) on the posts automatically generated by FacebookTNT on your Fan Page is extremely high. Thus far, we have seen some solid conversions in the health and entertainment niche.

*Facebook Marketing 101: If you have an entertainment niche Facebook Fan Page then you should use a TMZ RSS feed for example to automatically generate posts to your Wordpress site and also to your Facebook Fan Page using FacebookTNT. Once you have generated enough posts to your Fan Page then you let Facebook drive perfectly targeted traffic to your Fan Page by selecting the correct audience -> people interested in TMZ and other celeb sites. We are currently experimenting using this for the sports niche (Soccer) too so the applications for this plugin using Facebook traffic our limitless!

interesting stuff

Can we use Trending filters I have a music site so I would only want to show trending topic about music only is this possible?

You can use RSS feeds to generate posts which will auto populate your site and Facebook. This RSS feed can be from any niche you desire -> Music, Health, Tech, etc. FBTNT reads the RSS feed and automatically scrapes & displays the stories on your site. As the RSS feed is updated it dynamically changes on your site and on Facebook making this a true set and forget plugin…:)

The problem is that this cant be proved for 100%, Even myself want to beleave that buying your plugin will generate traffic, but its not dependable in the SEO plugins ?

We are currently driving traffic to several Facebook Fan Pages in various niches and our plugin is working fine. Step 1 – Create a Facebook Fan Page Step 2 – Install FacebookTNT and let it auto populate your Fan Page with Trends in your niche Step 3 – Boost your Fan Page and traffic will come to your site from people clicking on the posts. I hope this helps…:)

Does it work for other languages than English? ie.: Spanish

Yes, it works with any language. It’s entirely dependent on the RSS feed that you use.

This plugin is not working properly with WP. It is cause WP to malfunction and making it impossible to manage my WP site. I get an Internal Server Error when trying to edit anything as long as this plugin is active. Also, content from TMZ posted directly to my frontpage, over my original content.

WP version is 4.4.2, is this plugin compatible?

My Info is below: 261ca370-77d0-4b2f-af46-32411e34a983 – 17 Mar 2016 REGULAR LICENSE

We have installed a fresh WordPress (Version 4.4.2)

http://htmlpro.net/staging/dev07/wp-tnt/ Username: admin Password: temp1234

Everything is working fine. We also did a test post using our plugin, please have a look at this screen shot: http://prntscr.com/aiff08

Posted by plugin: http://htmlpro.net/staging/dev07/wp-tnt/2016/03/22/10-reasons-sahifa-theme-…

However, to troubleshoot your error, I recommend that you disable one plugin at a time to see if there is a particular plugin that is causing a conflict. Thanks!

Hey i just purchased your facebook tnt and when i click on a link in the widet area it opens up a new tab and just displays the title and nothin else, also in the widget area i dont see the share to facebook tab….. also when i try to save my facebook page url in the settings it just refreshs and disappears…. So whats going on with this plugin? i am using the mantra theme

sorry i reinstalled and is working fine

Ok i am having a problem with the links are still opening up in a new tab and all it shows is the title and the source link. I t is not displaying the content how do i fix this?

Hi i am having a problem, the plugin is not working properly. When i click on the links in the feed it opens a whole new window and it only displays the title and and source link, why is the content not showing up, also im not seeing the share to facebook button, i have switch to diffrent themes to see if this was the problem but its not so how do we fix this issue?

Was looking into purchasing but you havent answered in 3 months. This isnt available anymore?

Great work! Good luck with sales! Looks clean and unique.

Hi, this item available anymore?

Hey, found it was very interesting and useful. Thanks http://www.thehtmlcoder.com Team