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This is pretty cool, will be getting it for sure! do you have any plans to for a Google+ Circles plugin like your stp?

Hi there,

Seems simple enough and I have read the documentation and watched the video I am sure my process is correct however the short code does not display for me on my template, I am using http://themeforest.net/item/white-noise-responsive-wordpress-theme/1619101

template, any help would be appreciated, i am running backupbuddy, all in one seo and html site maps plugins.

Most likely a simple mistake.

Please send the URL of your site via email and I will take a look for you. You can do so by using the contact form in my profile here: http://codecanyon.net/user/TylerQuinn :)

Thank You!


I sent over the URL as requested :)

Any ideas why it would not be functioning?


No probs.. thought 3 days was sufficient, do you think the problem can be solved? I would like to use the plugin.

Should not be a problem!

I just sent you another email lets keep the support thread going there.

Thanks again, tyler.

I’m using CKeditor. Is this support on CKeditor?

Its a WordPress only plugin, not sure what CKeditor is or if this answer helps.

Will it auto-adjust to the correct width? I only have 140px width in my sidebar.

The traditional Facebook code makes it look awful, so I’m hoping this will look nice and clean when limited to 140px width.

Please let me know before I purchase! Thanks!

I believe it is currently using the smallest possible width (around 50px.) that way it can be styled / centered how you like.

Nice plugin, where exactly do the sign ups go when they have clicked to subscribe? Is there an integration for an autoresponder?

Hi from the questions above I think i’ve kinda missed all its functions since I have no idea what most of them are talking about anyways.

How can i position the thumbnail to be posted between title and post. I don’t want to be published in the left side but in the middle of everything. Cheers.

Hi, I tryed to install the file but WP tells me that the file is not valid! can you tell me what’s wrong? tx.

yes. it’s all rigth now but i have some problems :

For instance, for the facebook page : facebook/cusistudios : “Error You are following cusistudios.” > this message appears when someone is clicking on the “Follow” button on the website page where I placed the shortcode ([ fb-subscribe theme=”light” profile_url=”http://facebook.com/cusistudios” showfaces=”true” layout=”standard” ])

Moreover, the photos of my facebook friends who also like my page are not displayed on the website page. Only the photo of the person who liked the page and is on the website is shown.

PS :I wanted send you a private topic with my datas but i can’t found the private field on the new topic form. Thanks, charles

...I was thinking, maybe I have trouble, because my facebook page is a fan page …?

Well if you already follow someone you cant follow them twice. Please stick to the support forums as posting in both places can get confusing! If there is any issues we will get you up and running, no worries.

hi can I use this to allow others visitor to subscribe to comment updates..? ei: so if they like to get facebook notification on every new comment

I don’t think comments have anything to do with Facebook’s subscribe feature sorry.

hi does this work on woocommerce?

Will work on any WordPress powered site.