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it would be cool it if was an group chat included

Thank for your feedback.

hi, script no work! See: http://divinoamigo.org/chat/ZeChat/

Warning: mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /home/divinoamigo/public_html/chat/ZeChat/login.php on line 58

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/divinoamigo/public_html/chat/ZeChat/login.php:58) in /home/divinoamigo/public_html/chat/ZeChat/login.php on line 83

File config.php

<?php $config‘db’ = ‘localhost’; $config‘db’ = ‘divinoam_zechat2’; $config‘db’ = ‘divinoam_zechat’; $config‘db’ = ‘p1t2g0r2s’; $config‘db’ = ‘test_’;

$config[‘site_url’] = ‘http://chat2.divinoamigo.org/';


// Create connection in MYsqli $con = new mysqli($config‘db’, $config‘db’, $config‘db’, $config‘db’); // Check connection in MYsqli if (mysqli_connect_errno()) { printf(“Connect failed: %s\n”, mysqli_connect_error()); exit(); }


Hi please join us with skype

skype id : zeunix.com we will setup for you .

TImezone . 10 to 6pm IST


I am interested how secure is chat against MySQL injections, XSS attacks, malicious files attacks.

Best regards and thanks in advance.

Hi you can test all your security purpose in demo link. Thanks

We can’t even integrate this on our own website, I don’t see the point on having this, support is horrible, been waiting for a week on skype and he tell me that it is not possible to integrate this chat on our own website.

0/5 – Support 0/5 – Integration

Thanks for comment .

Envato gives you comment facility and you think you made a bad comment and blackmail seller as you want . what a great think.

I offer you a deal because we think you made a wrong purchase you have to buy wchat but you buy zechat . That’s why we think if you want to buy wchat then we will refund you of zechat . we want to help you with amount but you make comment like this i am not understand what is this. Now we have no offer you any deal . Nice to meet you.


What a great selling, good job !


Hello I have little problem with chatWith it not support arabic text


Hi please share link . And provide demo login details Mail us on bylancertheme@gmail.com

plz how can i setup this script on my host ? easy or hard?

Just take 2 minutes.so easy and if you get any issue then just message us on skype our skype id is zeunix.com

We will setup for you.free installation

now i send you a message on skype but can you talk me the difference between this script and this script ” Wchat – Fully Responsive PHP/AJAX Chat” only responsive ? What are the best?

Wchat is the best. Its responsive with mordern material design


Branko83 Purchased

Hello bylancer, this is great chat.

I am considering to buy extended version and implement it in my new social network script. I just want to test how it acts with many users.

Best regards,


Ok test it and also you can see code structure . for integration with your script.

Thanks for your interest in zechat.

Hi Author

Can this plugin run on codeigniter framework, and can run SSL support?

Please advice. Because, i am interested with this plugin, and want to embeded to my codeigniter framework. Thanks.

I am not test this with codeigniter . Its build with ajax method . And yes work with ssl support.

not responsive

For responsive see 8n our portfolio wchat.

Hello, I am interested in your product, but I’m not sure which is the correct app to get. I need the Facebook IM chat functionality of Zechat, but I need it to integrate with my own user database which is in Wchat. Is there a way to get both features I need in a single app? Thank you

No wchat and zechat both are saperate. not possible now may be we will launch zechat upgrade version with this functionality.