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What is not working ?

No promisz, it works.
And it looks great CIQ :) !

Thank you very much :)

What are the customization options?

Have you seen the document? Simple document : http://cihangirkutlu.com/ComboBox/

It works like a charm and looks superb CIQ

Thanks :)

Demo doesn’t work for me

(I’m using Chrome 21 on Windows)

Please send me a screenshot : cihangirhkutlu@gmail.com Thanks…

I don’t know why, but it works perectly now

Darn you Chrome, darn you

This is not working in any browsers for me.. “Server Error in ’/’ Application.”

No problem now. Thanks.. :)

ellere sa?l?k :)

Te?ekür ederim :)

1 suggestion::

Multiple word search, like if i have written

saurabh chadha tags of saurabh(php mysql oracle unity3d java eclipse photoshop 3dsmax c#)

Now if you type “sql 3d c#” – it should show my result which has all the 3 words, then it should show 2 results which have 2 words, then it should show results which have 1 word..

Incase you modify it like this, lemme know i will surely buy it.

v1.1 coming soon :)

I get error in demo..your website seems to be down :( “Service Unavailable”

version 1.1

Greeting its not working Service not available ! ??

version 1.1

what do u meant by that ???

i have corrected the errors :)

Hi, i want to purchase but unfortunately the live preview doesnt work.. also, can you refer me to the documentation (so i can see whats customizable and what are the functions i get with this)


Hello…. would you please assist me how to get the names of books or watever from sql database???? waiting for your kind reply.

Great work, clean & professional. Wish you best sales