Facebook, Instagram, YouTube likebox for WordPress + 8 other

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube likebox for WordPress + 8 other

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Facebook, Instagram, YouTube likebox for WordPress + 8 other - 1 Our product offers you most popular social sliders icons (over 150 icons of different sizes, round corners, squared, slider-shaped). You can customize your sliders (colors, width, length) and set them in any configuration you want. With SoSlider you can install

- Facebook
- Twitter (no need to use Twitter Widgets anymore!)
- Pinterest
- Instagram
- Flickr
- Dailymotion
- YouTube
- Vimeo
- LinkedIn
- SoundCloud
- Google+

What is more, the plugin gives you one and only chance to build your own, unique slider which supports shortcodes!

You are given a full manual and step-by-step instructions to create some social media values needed for proper working on your website. Installing new social media sliders was never easier.

Right now you can define whether to display sliders on all pages or only on homepage!

Please read plugin documentation to be sure that this is what are you looking for.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube likebox for WordPress + 8 other - 2


v1.6.2 - 11/11/17
+ Fixed LinkedIn slider on SSL sites
v1.6.1 - 08/20/17
+ Fixed setting custom button icons for sliders
v1.6.0 - 08/11/17
+ Improved Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram APIs integration
+ Added support for automatic plugin upgrade
v1.5.4 - 08/08/17
+ Fixed Instagram API integration
v1.5.3 - 07/22/17
+ Fixed Facebook languages handling
v1.5.2 - 05/12/17
+ Fixed Facebook tab bug
v1.5.1 - 04/13/17
+ Fixed minified CSS files
v1.5.0 - 04/01/17
+ Fixed SoundCloud integration
+ Added new option for mobile sliders
v1.4.0 - 12/23/16
+ Use Twitter account name - NO NEED TO USE WIDGET ID ANYMORE!
v1.3.2 - 12/04/16
+ Fixed SoundCloud to get correct play count number due to SoundCloud API bug
+ Added option to display sliders only on homepage
v1.3.1 - 12/03/16
+ Pinterest update
v1.3.0 - 02/13/16
+ Facebook update: Switched from old Likebox plugin to Page Plugin
v1.2.26 - 09/01/15
+ minor fixes
v1.2.25 - 06/13/15
+ fixed Instagram
v1.2.24 - 05/21/15
+ improved YouTube handling
v1.2.23 - 05/12/15
+ improved Instagram thumbnails quality
v1.2.22 - 05/11/15
+ implemented YouTube API v3
v1.2.21 - 04/24/15
+ fixed YouTube API deprecation message
v1.2.20 - 04/14/15
+ changed YouTube API request parameters
v1.2.19 - 04/09/15
+ better handling of YouTube special characters in videos titles
v1.2.18 - 03/12/15
+ better handling of YouTube subscribe box
+ added SSL compatiblity for Visual Designer (missing icons)
+ added filter "soslider_facebook_display_loader" to disable "Loading" box on Facebook slider
v1.2.17 - 03/11/15
+ updated Instagram API
+ fixed Pinterest API
+ improved Google+ feed handling
+ fixed Google+ hide onclick behaviour
+ added named constant SOSLIDER_MOBILE_COMPAT to enable mobile support on older WordPress installations
+ fixed Google+ activity order
+ fixed zindex parameter
+ changed JavaScript handler when Facebook likebox is fully loaded
+ fixed compatibility with WP 3.3.1
+ Google+ fix when mouseover is selected and Badge is being shown
+ YouTube fix
+ Pinterest update
+ added GooglePlus option to open activites links in new page
+ added Instagram option to open links in new page
+ fixed Instagram communication
+ added option to Pinterest to open links in new page
+ added option to Vimeo to open links in new page
+ added Youtube option to open links in new page
+ added Flickr option to open links in new page
+ added Dailymotion option to open links in new page
+ added SoundCloud option to open links in new page
+ changed priority for wp_footer script loading
+ moved script enqueue to other hook and placed scripts in footer to avoid jQuery conflicts
+ smushed icons
+ fix for Facebook bug when allow_url_fopen is disabled
+ added new SoundCloud icons
+ added Flickr option which allows to hide in slider view user account name
+ added SoundCloud