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Hi looks like we will buy this nice app 2 question : any problem if we will install to a folder of our site ? example ? second if user already taken the quiz , can she/he play again on new questions? example user play day1 end we set day2 set day2 active and user come again and want to play the new day so what is the rule about that, thank you


Yes, If the folder is placed inside the ssl domain then it will work perfect. also regarding for new question all users can play again. either it is same day or different day. Thanks

hi thank you. new question how this tab promote oneself? if user taken the quiz his friends see anything to join more user this tab?

whenever user will like the tab a news feed will appear at your home and it will be visible to all your friends


The fan gate is working but when i like the page, i’m sent to a weird page which ask me phone number. What am i doing wrong?


Hi, this is the normal way, you need to update the mobile page design image, we are asking phone numbers from all the participants for giving them gifts.

How can i skip the ask number part?

well currently it is mandatory and part of wizard, however if you need any customization then we can talk about it

Is there any change instead of having a radio button, we instead have an input text box, that asks the user to predict the score and not the winning team?

we are keeping it very simple, However if you need any customization we can do it, but with some extra charges. If you are interested in customization you can email

Sent you an email, please do reply ASAP. Thank you.



Nice app. It works well except the no datas in the fname and lname fields in Users Scores. Because of that the name doesn’t show either in top scores

Can you help?


this has to display in the last screen, I check it and let you know ASP


This app will work on mobile?

its desktop version only

If there is no questions active, and I remove the active checkmark from the backend, why isn’t there on the frontend a message saying there is no games active?

You are right it shouldn’t display question, if its inactive, I need to check and update it, If you provide me your ftp I can quickly resolve this issue

I am getting following error.

=========== PDO::__construct(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known

Url: Please help.

can you email me your config.php? or send me your ftp please i know it is some configuration issue

I already sent you email. If you don’t get email please give me your email id here.

Ok I got it

Hi Any chance to change mobil number to string? because if visitor fill like this : 25/2548228 script will calculate result and dont know what was the original number

Hi, Yeah I can update it, and let you know once updated in script

Can you make answers for many questions in one place? Like a contest to select 3 results in over 5 – 6 games once ?

Hi, yes it is possible, but this code customization is required, if you are interested then it will cost you extra, you can email me your details about it.

THanks IMran

hi, i need the application, but i wanna add 2 customizations, 1- able to add score for the game 2- able to rate their team based on DEF, MID, ATT no data is required from visitors to take that quiz

send me email with details of customization cost & time :

Hi, Let me know when you want to start work on it

Complete installation and me the page is blank , the administration is good , what can be the problem ?


Please email me, I need to give you few instructions.

sent email

Hi! We’ll need to do some small modification to your code. We’re organizing a football tournament in our company. The users will enter in a score-based contest that gives points depending of the matches results. If the user correctly predicts the results will have 3 points, if not then 0 and so on. This will also go with the results (2-0, 1-3 and so on). Of course, we’ll need that all the matches appear in the main screen and keep results per user so they can share their score within the enterprise. We know that extra costs will be charged. Is it possible to modify your code this way? Can you send me a quotation that include time needed? It’ll be used within Facebook exclusively. Thank you very much, Gaston Cardey IT Manager

Hi Gaston,

Sure we can add this customization in the base script, can you give me your email address for sending you time and quote for these changes.

Thanks Imran

Hi! Great to read this. I’ll be great to have this quote by tomorrow because we have a conference at 5 pm. Thanks!

I have sent you email

I get a blank page in facebook ?

send me your facebook link

Hello, I want to have the app for the euro 2016 and want to have the user to also enter the exact score and not just the winner? Can you do this and how long do you need to complete it?



Yes I can do that, if you have any more details about it, kindly email me at


Is there android version of this app?what if I need but android version

Am waiting your reply( email)

I have already replied Andrew