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Is it possible to see demo first?The demo link is not working :)

its working now.

Good job and Good Luck with the Sale !

Thanks for comment bro

Is it mobile friendly?

it works on desktop only

Really a nice Game. But how can i do this, that if the Puzzle is done, Facebook shows my app link and not my website link?

its already update, can you try again, have you downloaded the latest code??

i will test it later. thank you :)

I have downloanded application but i couldn’t make the installation. Is it possible for you to help me

If you don’t know how to make installation,stritcly you shouldn’t buy it. I couldn’t make the installation and they wanted me to pay 40 dolars. This is really a robbery and they don’t respond my mails

you can follow the installation guide and can install the script, as many others are doing, if you ask me to do that then I will charge for this like other script owners do.


Can you add a Share button so users share what score they completed the puzzle in?

yes its added make sure you have configured it correctly you can email me your installed link

Very Nice work..:)