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there is an issue, when I like, nothing happens. check by yourself. https://www.facebook.com/amouliani/app/400634003440120/. I also want not to download a book, but instead that to open a link. thank you

I ask for refound and nobody respond, i have Photo Contest for Facebook, Mobile, Tabs and Websites | Social Networking and never can install it, i need my money back

i need my money back from facebook contest and 12 months support what i never reciebe!

We are sorry, we had some issues due to which we could not respond. If the problem persists please send email to envato@henoz.com

I buy your item for Facebook Auto Responder, but this item you close.. How can i import group?
Please help me…!!

please open ticket here : envato@henoz.com

Need help. This script says its missing a config file. Can you explain?

please open ticket here : envato@henoz.com I will share config file with you. Thanx

in your demo, i can see the share button but also have ‘skip’ button. That skip button can be remove ?

is it hard to install?

yes , you can use it for all pages.but you need to setup it separately for all pages.

Noted. Thanks

Welcome :)

file missing after installation, how to solve?

i was sent the file. please check your email. Thanx


segunjimi Purchased

I bought this app and when I try to install, I got the following error (The file configuration file is missing. Please run the setup again )