Facebook Seeker - Data collector

Facebook Seeker - Data collector

With Facebook Seeker you can collect data from Facebook from pages, groups, event and locations.

Scrape and collect email, telephone, url, address ecc in one click!

You can filter data and save it easily in excel, csv or pdf format.

Easy to set up!

Step by step guide to install and create your own Facebook App.

Try demo now!
Due to changes in Facebook’s API policy, the demo temporarily does not work

You can enter with demo account:

user: demo
password: demo

Export results to Excel or Csv format to work with collected data or to import in your application.

Export results table in PDF format to create quick report for you or for your client.

With Facebbok Seeker tool you can build a database for business contact or Facebook Marketing

With clean and easy Facebook Seeker interface you can collect data from pages,groups, events and locations at the same time without lose results of other tab.

You can filter results for each table column.

You can select what fields you want to show on the results table without data that you don’t care

Facebook Seeker is a great tool for your Social Marketing Business!


[1.1] – 2016-11-15
- Changed
- Login now is possible by four different users; admin with password admin, user1 with password user1, user2 with password user3, user3 with password user3.

[1.0] – 2016-11-06
- First release