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The script is not responsive! Why would you mislead buyers? As the demo and screenshot looks responsive but the download is not. Please update.

Hello, What do you mean by not responsive? On which device have you tried?

I like the script, but am wondering… is there is a way to make the Facebook URL open in a new window each time, instead of in the current window?

Also, the User who said the app is not responsive may be referring to the fact that the filter input ends up on the far right-hand-side of the mobile screen, instead of on the next line.

Thanks for your prompt reply!

Thank you for the extremely quick reply.

I understand about the table. Just clarifying what the other User might have meant by his statement.

The last column is titled Facebook URL, and its a clickable link, I’m just wondering how hard it would be to open this link in a new tab as in target=”_blank”

Sure i’ll ask one of the developer to handle that in few hours.

hi, can i configure the script to get, for pages, the number of reviews and the average review value? thank you.

In the code folder, there is a file named config.php. Find this line
"page"=>array('name', 'location', 'phone', 'personal_info', 'emails'),
and replace it by
"page"=>array('name', 'location', 'phone', 'personal_info', 'emails', 'rating_count', 'overall_star_rating' ,'ratings'),

purchased and modified config.php as you recommended. Didint work. had to put the old code back and it worked. can you please double check the attributes names/syntax?

Yes please open a ticket so i can check.

Good morning, after you configure the config.php file with the APPID and APPSECRET, just I open the link tells me: Error: not configured Application: This app is still under development, and you can not access it. Sign in as a registered user or ask an assistant administrator for permits

Update: Solved. But just within Webapp inside and do a search, he tells me I am still in demo mode

Update: Solved all trouble. Thanks

how I can upload data (name of participiants, phone, email and etc) from the facebook’s group? For example group A – 30000 members. We need to get all data this members (name, city, position, phone & etc). How we can make it?

No you can’t because facebook protects the access to the user private data. You can only extract the data if the user allows it via a facebook connect button for example.

I want extract data members from group: First/Last name, Job Title and link for profile. Look at screenshot pls. For default group show job title members, why you can’t make it?

We can’t because Facebook does not allow us to. This is about data privacy and facebook is really protective about that kind of things that’s why it does not give access the a group members personal data.

if i buy this so can we get more than 10k data at a time or there is limitations

No, facebook only allow 500 per call.

Hi,,could extract user age, religion,status,city,phone number,email in element option,,if user use public privacy?

Of course if the facebook app linked to our code has the proper permisisons.

demo site is broken :(

Hello, Yes it’s being maintained. Please wait 1h and try again. Or I can get back to you once it’s ready.

Oh it’s done. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi There,

Are we able to limit the search results just like the demo?

I REALLY REALLY like this plugin!!!

Digital Chica

You can limit or increase the limit!

DEMO – Ooophs, we got an error: Authentication failed! Facebook returned an invalid user id. Welcome to our Facebook Scraper Pro demo app. Before we start, you need to login using your Facebook profile in order to search and scrape Facebook data.

Looks like facebook changed something in their API. We’ll check and keep you posted.

It’s fixed. Facebook changed few things.


webav Purchased

Error: Ooophs, we got an error: Authentication failed! Facebook returned an invalid user id.

Hello please open at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com/ so the dev team can take a look

Hi, I can use it to extrac emails form FanPages comments? Thank you.

Nope. Facebook does not give access to a user email due to the privacy terms but they allow it expressly if the user authorize that by logging into your app.

i got this problem “Ooophs, we got an error: Authentication failed! Facebook returned an invalid user id. ” how to fix it ?

I apologize for the delay, this week has been crazy. What’s the ticket ID?

That ticket was answered 6 days ago…

Is it posible to add a location filter Ex. search the “xx” word in the location “XX”?

I know that facebook limit the results to 500 per search, is it posible to do the filter before doing the search? I mean, if I do a search fo “XX” keyword and use the filter to “location” and if the filter is done before the search, I will get 500 results of “xx” keyword on that location, but if it´s done after, I will get 500 results of “xx” but of any location, so when the filter is done, I will get a lot less results of “xx” in the location I am looking for

No sorry.

Is it posible to get the place_type and use that info on the search? Ex only look for restaurants

It should be possible but not currently with this plugin sorry.

Is there a way to scrape emails from groups?

Yes but you may not get a real email but something like this 1234567898765432@groups.facebook.com. An email to that adress will post in the group.

Can you share the workaround for the issue Error: Ooophs, we got an error: Authentication failed! Facebook returned an invalid user id. As you mentioned Facebook changed few things. Thanks.

Please open a ticket at https://orionorigin.freshdesk.com so the dev team can take a look.

I know that Facebook has a limit of 500 results per search, but there is any other limit? Ex. Numer of limit per hour or per day?

Sorry we’re not currently available for hire.

Thanks for the answer. I understand. And do you think it will be posible to do this changes? Or do you see any limitation?

No it should be possible.