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I like the concept but it is lacking.

Changes I would like to see: Ability for any page admin to add this to their pages. Essentially it is one script but page admins can add it to their own page tabs. Example: Joe’s Pizza adds a listing and can add a tab to their own page

A directory is then created listing all the pizza places on the actual app. It would give more users a reason to use the app.

It can be added on multiple pages with same contents, do you mean to add on different pages with different contents?

Need multiple pages with different content.

I will try to add this in upcoming update

Looks good and I quite agree with above comment, a stabdalone app that could be used in different pages on request, then you could create categories and thus a listing, pretty sure you would blow your sales

It can be added on multiple pages with same contents, do you mean to add on different pages with different contents?

admin panel not working

its working perfect, in which browser and system you are trying?

Wait, what is the point of this? what is it doing for me or my services and products? is it just reviews?

A little more explanation might help me out.


This reviews application is for getting reviews from your fans, you can post for product or deal or service or any promotion.

its some sort of users rating and reviews on your item and share with their friends

Would you be willing to allow a video, not just an image for the review?

Well currently it is supporting product/campaign image, however if you need any kind of customization you can email me

How can we show more than one product at a time? Also If I try to leave a comment on a second product it says I have already left a review, when I have not for the other product. Both of these items needs to be resolved.

It’s admin feature to add unlimited products, however if you want to display it on front end then you have to send me customization request

Sure reply to first email with quote.

Please email me your details at Thanks

I like this app so far. A few thing to add would make this just amazing. 1. add a link to the banner custom link per banner/product. also 2. review more products little thumb nails with other active products to review on the bottom of the main review. 3.opengraph tag to let people share the review using the products image and description 4. big fat facebook share button on the product review page.

This would add alot a value to the app. Thanks and hope to see this soon.

Also when you add a manual review the reviwers image is broken it should have a default avatar for this if it can not be pulled from facebook.

what is the Users App section in admin?

Sorry for late reply, When you logged in then in left column you can see this menu

Is it possible that when a customer gave a review, he/she receives a voucher? Like a buy 1 get 2 coffee voucher?

Hi, yes it is possible but we need to customize the code, you can email me your customization request, it will cost you extra little but we will done this change.


can add multiple pages with different content? and can other users add their own pages ?

I have updated the script, you will receive an update script email soon

can you give demo for user app?

Stop using the original FB review application that can be abused easily without any power on it and start using sheensol’s application, after having issues with fake reviews from my competitors, I started using this application that gives me whole control of my rating and It’s all amazing.

Just need one thing is to fix the arrangements of the comments by date because after adding manually the comments, comments with new date still show up in the bottom.

I have updated the script, you will receive an update script email soon

hi i am trying to preview the admin section but it isnt loading, i am receiving the error – Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_localhost() in /home/sheen786/public_html/userftp/imran/apps/sst_reviewsapp/config.php on line 4


thanks for informing, actually we have made few updates thats why it happened, its working fine now

1. What if customer leave low rating? Can you prevent them from posting to facebook if 1-3 star rating?

2. Can this be used outside of the Facebook tab?

Hi, Sharing the review on the newsfeed is taken off, now it is not going to share on timeline, so dont worry about it, you can manage all the reviews and rating on your own end.

Sharing reviews on timeline is essential to grow referrals and sales, so not advisable to take it off. Also why is the script coded in an obscure framework like Xcrud that’s nobody heard off? It’s challenging to edit.

xcurd is just for simple CMS, however sharing reviews you can make it with pending status, means if user post a review then it will be first reviewed by the admin then it will be published

Does this still work? Confusing.. your demo pages doesn’t work. How does user email get collected or is that someone else who uses script as admin? Where is review offer posted? Timeline? When they write review, it will also post same review on their wall? Is this a fb app? Where do we post to fb from app?

yes it is fb application, you can share your review on the wall, but it is not automatic , and yes it is working fine


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anyway to change the share link? As the graph data doesnt pass thru good.