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After not replying to any of my questions here or by email, I decided to buy this plugin anyway because I’m in a kind of hurry for such functionality.

Unfortunately it breaks the CSS of my site, plus it needs Facebook Comments plugin which is not the one I want to use.

Please let me know if anything can be done, otherwise I’d like a refund.

I am extremely sorry i was out on vacations, can you please contact via profile page’s contact form mentioning url too…

Hi zeeq, I sent you en email. Thanks for replying!

Hi zeeq, I sent you en email few weeks ago. you haven’t replied yet

Hi zeeq, I sent you en email few weeks ago. you haven’t replied yet

Hi, can you please resend it i will look into it on fast track


luongbb Purchased

this plugin not work , very bad


angraj Purchased

Please help I’m getting error logs at the following path: /wp-content/plugins/fb-recent-comments-widget/include/hz-fb.class.php on line 144

Hi, can you please contact via our support page https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-recent-comments-widget-for-wordpress/7522372/support and we will send you the fix for it :)

Hey. Do you plan on releasing any new updates for this? It’s not working properly. Please let me know. Thanks.

update will be soon available, but the current version is also working fine, if you have any issues feel free to contact via support page.

Ok, I’ll wait for the new version. Any approximate date that it’s released?

The plugin does not work with Super Socializer. The social commenting part disappears, can you please look into it? Thanks.

Hi, Is it working in a Site with SSL?

yes it does


HBPrins Purchased

For a day or three there are no new comments showing up in de comments widget. are there more people who got this problemen? This is just a example from one of my websites.


60 comments and non of them is showing up in the comments widget.


HBPrins Purchased

wel strange enough it is this plugin thats not working anymore on my 3 websites. people can react but the widget is not showing them, even in the admin section there are no new reactions. it suddenly stopt 4 days ago.

i removed the widget now, but it is still active in the wp-admin page. so please help. on one of my website i use the pro version..

New version available for download :)


joedom Purchased

Hi Zeeq, I’m having the same problem as HBPrins. As of March 27th, there are no new comments showing up on my client’s site. Is there an update or change to FB’s API that caused this? I’ve also emailed you. Thanks.

Working on update :), the new updated version will be available in next 3 days.

New version available for download :)


HBPrins Purchased

Tnx Zeeq.. great news.


HBPrins Purchased

still nothing.

Hi, new update is in the review queue of codecanyon, you will get notification as soon as it will be available for download, it might take 24 to 48 hours.

New version available for download :)

Hello. Is there a changelog for the new version somewhere?

Can you please reply to my question?

The plugin is NOT notifying me when someone comments at my site. I’m using the latest updated version.

it is, there is a button “Contact Author”.

Hey zeeq, is it me or are you selective on replying to messages here? I have paid for this and you don’t even reply to a simple question I posted 17 days ago, yet you reply to a new question by another member.

So one more time, is there a changelog of the update somewhere?

hello, presale… can is how the last comments at posting on Facebook?

can you please make it clear, it will list the latest comments, you may check the demo too

ok thx, i know that it shows the last commets, but it should be, that it shows the last comments from my FB site and not only wp comments.

Thanks for your great suggestion, we will look into it for the next update :)

Oh well… 1 star review for you. You totally deserve it. I could have rated 0 if it was possible. To those thinking of buying, read my review so you don’t waste your money.

we are working on change log, btw did you tried the update before giving your rating? or asked once that it is not working for you? you just asked for change log

Oh wow! That was the quickest reply I’ve ever gotten from you, I guess I had to leave the 1 star review to achieve that.

In response to your reply to my review (I post here because I cannot reply on the review page), first of all are you really serious about the updates? I don’t care if it’s a $12 project and not $1200 as you said, most of the free plugins EVEN get updated regularly. I paid for this and I expect to at least have some updates every now and then and most important support!

Saying stuff like “are you looking for entire facebook into that $12 widget, lol” really show the kind of commitment you have.

As for the times I asked, just check the comments section and you’ll see that I didn’t just asked for the changelog, that is just the most recent thing I asked, and even for this you couldn’t spare a minute to just write that you don’t currently have one.

I know I’m not the only one, seeing how many other people never got replies as well, but enough is enough.

And no, I won’t be sharing any URL, you “helped” enough as it is.

Please do not reply, something you are really good at, as I won’t bother with this anymore.

Hello, i’m interested in buying this plugin. is it compatible with the following plugin? https://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook-comments-plugin/

yes it is, if you find any issue, just contact us through our support page and we will fix it for you :)

hi, I need to approve the comment before it is published, can i do it with your plugin? i need Facebook api? to prove myself the user comment i need do it by Facebook? thanks!!

yes it can be done with this plugin by disabling the auto approve option in admin :)

Hi, the plugin stopped working, why?

it is updated! no comments are being processed

please contact through support page https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-recent-comments-widget-for-wordpress/7522372/support mentioning the url so we can track the issue.

Thanks :)


It appears the plugin is making a lot of CPU requests. Is there a way to mitigate this?

Thanks, Ste

Left a comment here and also sent you an email. Are you going to respond to me?


we are working on it and will update it soon :)