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Help us Make the script have the ability to add categories such that one can choose to have the puzzle contest in categories like; cars, fashion, accommodation, education etc. Also to have the option to have about 5 puzzle contests at time.

Thank you


Hi Ronnie, well in this script there is no option to do , however it possible if you send me a custom request.


Why each time i try to translate the buttons the application is not working properly anymore.

can you send me your installation link?

Does the application works on mobile also ?

its not supported on mobile

Please help me I get the whole source , which individually can I develop functions. For example, pause button , individual assessments . The game can be integrated into the Facebook ?

sorry for late reply, I was out of business in few days, This is already inside, which kind of integration you needed

Is there a possibility to set a timer (countdown)? Once a user finieshed the game, he have to wait for exmample 6 hourse to play again.

Hi, well currently there is no such functionality however if need it then you can email custom request at thanks

Tried to use the app today and it did not work. I did like the page first, though like gating is now prohibited by Facebook.

you are unable to reach on the puzzle page once you liked the page or skipped it?

I see the puzzle page but when I click on it nothing happens. Also Facebook does not allow like-gating so I need this to work whether the person likes my page or not.

kindly send me your installation link

Please Help me! short_open_tag=on (in php.ini) php 5.6 Not work is AppCode! Not work admin…. Change ”<?php=” code ”<?php echo ” > work admin


kindly send me your ftp details, i will fix it


Hello, I just bought your script and the installation was successful. But what I don’t like is the sharing function. I thought it was suppose to share the Game link that’s being played. instead, it’s sharing just the page. Please if you can modify it to be sharing the game link, help me do it. Thanks Regards.

Hello, you have to understand that I bought your script in order to make use of it. You asked me to produce all the required needed for you to work on it which I’ve done. So what is still keeping you. This is the 4th day since I purchase the script and I have not been able to use it.

Hello, you have to understand that I bought your script in order to make use of it. You asked me to produce all the required needed for you to work on it which I’ve done. So what is still keeping you. This is the 4th day since I purchase the script and I have not been able to use it.

Kindly email me your cpanel detail, i fix it quickly ,

Hi, Before I buy, is it possible to translate this into another language, e.g. Asian language? maybe with a language file?

Hi, yes there is translation support in the admin, you can translate it to any language

I don’t see any translate section on admin panel. There is just Settings, Users App, Users Score, Facebook Share etc… no translate menu.

yes sorry about it, its not in this app, however if you needed we can develop this section for you

hi , how can i contact you by e-m-ail ?


I just got this app and I am trying to install it but I have a problem with SQL import in MyPHPadmin. It shows the following error:

Error SQL query:

/*Table structure for table `admin` */


MySQL said: Documentation #1046 – No database selected

It is possible the file puzzleapp_db.sql is corrupt or am I missing something? Thank you in advance!

Thank you for the quick response. They are on your email.

Hello. Is there any development for this problem?

sent you email

May I know any updates? I sent you a mail

I review it again, thanks

Hi, I have a problem with the puzzle. I have created app on this URL: But, have php errors, it does not save the leaders in the Leaderboard. In the pages About Us, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy again have php errors.

kindly email me your app link at

is there away of only letting the person play like 5 time but if they share it they get some more lifes also is thereaway of the contest having what they playing for eg a soft toy ?? also will it contact the month winner and send them a coupon code so they can ge tthere prize off my eccomer site ??

for this customization is required otherwise in default there is no option, if you are interested you can send us customization request


I WANT TO BUY THE SCRIPT. BUT WHEN WILL AN UPDATE BE AVAILABLE? Because the current one seem to be very old version.

I wait your reply



if you are interested i can update it


May I check with you, have you provide customize for this Facebook Puzzle Game Contest Application according our requirement?

Looking forward your reply, thanks.

Yeah sure, let me know about your desired customization, you can email at


HOW DO I ACCESS YOUR ADD WITH MY ANDROID PHONE? Because when i try to open it on my phone, i get the message below;

The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page. Back to home


Your help on that issue will be highly appreciated

Thank you


Facebook App doesnt work in the Mobile, however it should work fine in the facebook fan page tab, like you see in the demo.

Thanks for your reply. So that means my users will not be able to play or participate in the puzzle game using their smart phones but only possible when on computer or laptop. Right?

can help me how add (linked) app in page tab ?


sympan Purchased

you have support to users has paid for this or not ? its to simple but i cant add in installation help