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bought your script and on my wall I see czech posts? why? I have friends from germany usa whatever but no czech! so why it shows me that? However, going through your files and try to find it.

Weird, just tried it out and working fine showing me my friends posts. Can you contact me through my profile page with a link to your install to get a look? thanks !

This is nice but how about notification on our website so our user notify them if they have new post on there timeline or wall, it is possible?

I just purchased this app, installed it on my host, set the id and secret, and it works but not as expected.

The “my wall” and “my posts” selections in the left column appear to produce the same results.

I need to put this app in an iframe so how to do a Facebook login popup?

Hello, I want to buy this script. But while checking your demo app, It will not fetch my friend’s list. So it it working for fetching friends on your version 2.0 app ?


The friends display will be disabled we didn’t update the app yet. It’s not possible to use the Facebook posting dialogs so having a list of friends displayed would be useless in this app

Hi is your app updated and working fine since demo is not working


That’s just a permission issue because we didn’t submit the app for approval to Facebook. When installed on your own server using your own Facebook app, it should be working just fine ;)


We just submitted a new update and you can check our updated app that should be working just fine: – Are you able to see your timeline now?

Hello, you can customize this script to view post and comments on Facebook groups ?

Yes please contact me through my profile page and will get back to you by email

Mail message sent . I await your response as soon as possible

please uptade api 2.5

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