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Is this plugin compatible with WordPress 4.2.3?

Yes sure

The plugin generated 5 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin. <- got that message when activating your plugin

The issue has been located and fixed, and an update should be available to download here in 1 or 2 hours !

very nice update

Thanks, please rate my plugin from your codecanyon download page would be much appreciated !

is this can be use with woocommerce ? will it appear in the products page as well?

I think I already answered to your question. This is a WP plugin not a Woocommerce plugin

Then why cnt u just say its not compatible !!!? Instead u answer something like can use widget n when i try it cnt n u say gonna provide on next dev. U just made me spend usd19 on this misselling here. Can i hv a refund???

This is a WordPress plugin and it can be integrated using WordPress methods: widgets and shortcodes. We never said or even suggested it could be used with other methods.

For the refunds terms and conditions please refer to this page. But note that:

As the item you are purchasing is digital goods, by downloading the item you have taken ownership of the item, and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges due to a change of mind.

I have an issue. By installing the plugin, it turned on the WP comments for each page / post on my site and I don’t want this to display. Is anyone else experiencing a problem with this?


The plugin shouldn’t turn on the display of the WP comments. If they are already on without this plugin, they should still remain on after this plugin is used. But this plugin has an option from the settings page to disable the WP comments, did you try it out?

Hello. I have activated on a wrong domain. How to reverse please to the right domain ? Thank you

Just answered to your email

Great support! Thank you so much!

hi there, are you able to help with installing this plugin into my website ?

This WordPress plugin can be used using widgets and/or shortcodes. The shortcodes and their options are fully documentation in the PDF documentation. The free support doesn’t come with free installation, but we are available should you have any issue with the process ;)

hi! does this import the FB comments into the wordpress database?

That’s not supported sorry

hi I have this problem. please help

Warning: include_once(class/Facebook_plugins_class.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/4/109001/webspace/httpdocs/ on line 3

Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘class/Facebook_plugins_class.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’:/usr/share/aps/php’) in /var/www/vhosts/4/109001/webspace/httpdocs/ on line 3

I think I got your email, and should get back to you shortly by email. I would need an admin access to your site to check it out

Pre sales question:

1. Can I show this in a product page? I am using WooCommerce. 2. Can I remove facebook comments as an Admin? 3. Can I get a notification each time someone comments on a product via facebook?

1. This is a WP plugin, not a WooCommerce plugin 2. Yes, if you setup your Facebook id 3. That’s not supported by Facebook

Hi, I get this error message on the settings page.

Redux Framework Warning select2-js CDN unavailable. Some controls may not render properly. Please wait a few minutes, then try refreshing the page. Unable to load some remotely hosted scripts..

Can you reach us by email using the form on our profile page with a link and admin access to your blog? We’ll get back to you by email, thanks

2 questions.

The plugin has not been updated in over a year, is it still working?

On your demo you say “You can also integrate this comments plugin into all your posts and pages from the plugin settings, and can also specify exactly the posts / pages on which the comments will be displayed”

Does that mean that I can choose to not use the FB comments on all previous blog posts but can enable FB comments on all posts in the future?


Yes working still fine ! For the posts and pages there is a list of all posts and pages and can specify on which ones. If there is news posts in the future you need and can define the visibility for them as well when there are there, not before they exists

Hi, I Face This Error “Failed To Send”, What Is The Cause Of This? In Facebook Comment

That’s probably something to do with Facebook and that may be temporary only

Thanks For Reply

Referal links from yuour website to your own product ?

Per sale questions. 1. With the facebook Comments Plugin part of the app if I have the facebook comments in a post of an article can user “tag” each other like on native facebook so it notifies the user on facebook? 2. is comment mirror an options in the plugin like the one facebook developer page talks about? Comment Mirroring

Comment Mirroring allows people to participate in a single conversation, whether comments come from your webpage or from your Facebook Page. When you share a link to your website on your Facebook Page, comments from that webpage will also appear as comments on your Facebook Page post and vice-versa. This creates a richer conversation on both your Facebook Page and on your website because the comments will appear in both places.

Sorry for the delay. 1. I don’t think the users can be tagged because the comments are public and the friends of a specific user are not really public. 2. We’ll check it out coming days when we’ll release a new update with an ability to easily access the comments moderation tools

Just published an update with some code improvements and added the comments moderator tool link in the comments settings page – This one: – Now when the app id is defined, the comments displayed on the site can be moderated using that tool by selecting the same app id – Hope that makes sense ! Also for the mirroring that can be activated from the settings from the moderator tool

Hey, does your plugin allow multiple, different comment box on one page ?

Use case : for a membership site where we have new clients every four months. each ‘intake’ should see a different comment box (basically like a university where you hangout only with your classmates).

One specific comment box can only be attached to one URL. If you have different URLs that should work, otherwise obviously it will not since that’s the only way to differentiate where each comment should go

Does your facebook comments plugin have moderation functionality?

Yes sure ! The moderation tool is provided and hosted on !

hello, you can have the plugin with the translation in Italian? unfortunately creates conflicts with other Facebook plugin (prevents its translation)

thank you

Done !

I’m considering your plugin, however, I get ‘Error establishing a database connection’ when trying to view the live preview. Do you have somewhere else to view the preview of the plugin operating?

The demo page should be fixed!

Hi, I have just installed the plugin in my site, and activated comments on post but I don’t see anything under posts to comments.

Any idea why?


I created the Facebook ID, added the short code under the page but all what I see is a white rectangle

I found out what’s the problem is, the plugin shows in Chrome and Microsoft Edge but it doesn’t work in Firefox

Hi, Can you reach me through my profile page with a link to your page and admin access to get a look? thanks

Hi, Can you please give me feedback to my email? Thanks.

Hi, Can I get support and response to my email?

Yes sorry, you wanted a version of the plugin with “Portugal” language supported for the Facebook plugins right? I will send it to you coming 2 days