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Can the status update widget be embedded into a div instead of a popup window?

That wouldn’t be possible since Facebook doesn’t provide any widget for that. To have that would need to use the Facebook API , which means the user would need to authorize the app first ;)

is this a class, or wordpress plugin.. I need for non wordpress site… can this implemented at our site

This is a class with some functions that can be used in a PHP website. It’s not a WordPress plugin

halo .. can the URI/URL in or something like this => $display = $f1->get_like_button(array(‘url’=> stored in string , because i have dynamic URL by code (Auto Generated Content)<?php echo $dataVideo[‘titleFull’];?>

Please contact me through my profile page with your full code and will check it out, thanks

What I have in mind is something that would pop up a reminder/warning when you go to make a status update on Facebook. It would have to integrate into Facebook. Is this feasible, and if so, would this class address how to do that?

That would need to be done as a customization, depending on how you want the reminder to work exactly. That’s not supported by this class

Is it possible to send a request for all friends of user using this class?

Sorry that’s not possible through the Facebook API

It’s possible to retrive a reviews of my fan page?

Reviews left by a user on a fanpage? Sorry this class is not supporting that kind of feature

Hi, I purshased your plugin and thanks for plugin, So, I have problem, I changed language but sometimes language automatically changing, What is the problem, Could you help me?

For support please reach us through the form on our profile page, with a link to your page and how to reproduce it for the issue, thanks!