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Nice work!! Good luck! :)

Thanks for comment :)

Can you turn this into a store? Add a buy button below pictures which redirects to the Pinterest link then I think you will get more sales.

Yeah sure, you can send me detail how you want to make it work, I will update it accordingly thanks

Hello, why my app keep reloading?

Email your app detail

Hi, why my app keep reloading?

what is your email?

i have email the detail to

replied you

Just bought it 5 mins ago. Already very disappointed that SSL is required! I don’t have SSL on the server. What are my options?

please email me your link if you have installed it anywhre

I am very disappointed that this item does not list SSL requirements within the description. I don’t have SSL on the server. I am not going to buy it just to use this script. Unless there is a solution without SSL, I will need the purchase to be refunded.

Thank you for your understanding!

I don’t need any hosting. I just need a secure canvas URL to use your script. If you are unable to do that, you need to refund the purchase since you are not mentioning that a SSL is required in the description which is not fair to the buyer. I spent money on your script but its useless without SSL. Either provide the secure canvas URL or refund the purchase. It’s very simple.

secure URL is only possible with SSL installed on the domain.

SSL is required it is mentioned in the Documentation

still working?

yes its working