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Any chance you gave more thought to making this into a wordpress plugin, i would love to allow our users to be able to manage their facebook pages from our site :)

This app is mostly for the admin to display his own pages. We have a WP version available here:

We don’t have currently an app enabling visitors to manage their Facebook pages

Actually this app “pages viewer” is all that I would need, but i need a way to embed this in wordpress so users can view their pages :)

I see. You can try using an iframe from a WordPress page for ex. If that doesn’t work you can contact me privately for a price estimate on doing the customization for you

Don’t know if it’s possible – but is it possible to hide the post people add to a page? So it only shows posts from the page owner? (hope you understand).

I see what you mean, yes that’s probably possible with a function verifying the posts users id and comparing it with the page id. Please contact me through my profile page and can send you a price estimate

Hi is there a way to only have events ? I can’t get the flux in french too. thanks

hi, it still works? Im connecting with facebook and it looks like i dont have any fb page (i have 5). Whats wrong? thanks

That’s because you are not the app admin. When used on your server with your own Facebook app you should be able to see all your pages or use your tokens to display your pages to other visitors ;)

I tested with account that had 6 pages (admin) but the demo show zero 0

Sorry we didn’t configure it to accept visitors pages, it should work just fine when used with your own Facebook app on your server and connecting with your own account.

I’m looking for a script to connect with facebook page todo

1. list of manage_page (name and ID)

2. Auth to add page tab with different URL “Secure Page Tab URL”

do you have any solution or script or customize service to do this ?

We can customize it for that purpose, please contact us through our profile page for more info, thanks